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Jeffrey Cockburn
  • Senior Postdoctoral Scholar Research Associate in Neuroscience (2015–24)

Jeffrey A. Cockburn

Science and education isn't about filling buckets, it's about lighting fires. If you bring the gasoline, HSS will hand you the match."

Charles Kollmer headshot 2021
  • Ahmanson Postdoctoral Instructor in History of Biology (2020–23)

Charles A. Kollmer

I enjoy working with Caltech undergraduates to deepen their engagement with the history of science. Doing this at Caltech is doubly exciting because Caltech itself has been the site of so much fascinating research in the life sciences."

Shunto Kobayashi headshot 2021
  • PhD '24, Social Sciences

Shunto Kobayashi

Because the number of graduate students is relatively small, we all know each other well. I think this encourages us to discuss research frequently and support each other's endeavors."

Murphy crop
  • Assistant Professor of Black Studies and English

Dana Murphy

My commitment to creative works which emphasize care within critical and liberative contexts has only deepened during my time at Caltech. I hope my research and my courses help students navigate an increasingly uncertain world."

Visualization headshot for Michael Gibilisco
  • Professor of Political Science

Michael Gibilisco

Here, political scientists are right next door to economists and right next door to neuroscientists. We often tackle similar problems, like collective decision making, but from very different approaches."

Visualization headshot for Kirby Nielsen
  • Professor of Economics; William H. Hurt Scholar

Kirby Nielsen

Experiments are starting to get incorporated into mainstream economics but are still a relatively new tool. Caltech has been a powerhouse in experimental economics from the beginning, and it's so exciting to join the tradition."