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Teddy Mekonnen headshot
  • Linde Postdoctoral Scholar in Economic and Management Sciences (2017–19)

Teddy Mekonnen

We economic theorists come up with problems that are real and relevant, but some of our solutions are impractical, with implicit assumptions of infinite time, resources, or data. When you use computer science to approach economic questions, such as matching problems related to apps for ride-sharing or dating, those assumptions matter."

Visualization headshot for Matt Shum
  • J. Stanley Johnson Professor of Economics

Matthew Shum

Research is an exhilarating circuitous enterprise where the shortest distance between two points is a circle. In my research, I explore the following questions: How do consumer choices in the field reflect their preferences? Do textbook models of optimal decision-making describe real-world firms and their customers?"

Visualization headshot for Brian Jacobson
  • Professor of Visual Culture

Brian R. Jacobson

There’s no better place to work on questions about the intersection between art, aesthetics, science, and technology than at Caltech, where students, faculty, scientists, and engineers are working on visual culture all the time—just in a way that we don’t necessarily always think of as visual culture."

Visualization headshot for Dana Murphy
  • Assistant Professor of English and Black Studies

Dana Murphy

I research Black expressive cultures in the U.S. and elsewhere in the Black diaspora. I am thrilled to teach students who care so deeply about social justice, diversity, and inclusion."

Diana Kormos-Buchwald
  • Robert M. Abbey Professor of History

Diana Kormos Buchwald

We are always asked, 'Is there anything we don't know about Einstein?' And as editors of the Einstein Papers Project, we always reply, 'Yes, there is a lot that we are learning and discovering, about his work, and that of many others, about Einstein not being just the icon with funny hair but a professional, hard-working scientist with deep preoccupations.'"

Federico Echenique
  • Allen and Lenabelle Davis Professor of Economics

Federico Echenique

As analysts, we can't measure what is in people's minds, but we can model their behavior. We can look at the choices they make."