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Writers-in-Residence Program

Past Visitors

Date Speaker Affiliation More Info
05/18/2021 Adrienne Su Professor of Creative Writing and Poet-in-Residence, Dickinson College Link
05/04/2021 Alberto RĂ­os Writer and Poet Link
04/12/2021 Kazim Ali Professor of Literature, Creative Writing, UC San Diego Link
12/03/2019 Nafissa Thompson-Spires Author; Associate Professor of Creative Writing, Cornell University Link
04/15/2019 Jessica Shattuck Author Link
11/13/2018 Eavan Boland Poet and Author Link
05/29/2018 Mary Szybist Poet Link
05/15/2018 Leslie Jamison Novelist and Essayist Link
04/10/2018 Hampton Sides Historian, Author, and Journalist Link
10/16/2017 Andrea Wulf Historian and Author Link
05/09/2017 Louisa Thomas Author Link
01/24/2017 Danielle Dutton Author Link
05/17/2016 Ciaran and Deirdre Carson Author, Poet, Musician Link
02/04/2016 Laila Lalami Novelist and Essayist Link
05/18/2015 Amy Gerstler Poet, Critic, Journalist Link
04/29/2015 Joyce Carol Oates and Charles Gross Author and Neuroscientist Link
01/13/2015 Teddy Wayne Author Link
05/14/2014 Paul Muldoon Poet; Professor of Creative Writing, Princeton University Link
12/04/2012 Reif Larsen Author Link
01/31/2012 Mat Johnson Novelist; Creative Writing Program Professor, University of Houston Link