Conference in Honor of Philip T. Hoffman

Friday, April 14, 2023
Saturday, April 15, 2023
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Baxter Lecture Hall
  • Internal Event

Friday, April 14

Session 1: Surviving Terrible Traffic

  • Stephen Haber, "Transport Corridors"
  • Marc Dincecco, "The Columbian Exchange and Conflict in Asia"
  • Paul Rhode, "The Economic Effects of Slavery: Tests at the Border" (Joint with Hoyt Bleakley)

Session 2: Beliefs in a Traditional Society

  • Francesca Trivellato, "Phil, Weber, and the Early Modern Group @ Caltech"
  • Jared Rubin, "Enlightenment Ideals and Belief in Science in the Run-up to the Industrial Revolution: A Textual Analysis"

Session 3: Priceless Law

  • Rod Kiewiet, "Fiscal Federalism in Public School Finance"
  • Gilles Postel-Vinay, "The Politics of Regulating Notaries"
  • Shawn Kantor, "Outside Options, Wages, and Innovation: Evidence from Draft Dodging"

Session 4: Why Growth Conquers the World

  • Joel Mokyr, "Two Paths to Prosperity: Culture and Institutions in Europe and China, 1000-2000" (Joint with Avner Greif and Guido Tabellini)
  • Bin Wong, "Confronting Today's Possibilities to Cope with Climate Change Knowing Why (and How) Europe Conquered the World"
  • Jan De Vries, "How Can a Traditional Economy Grow? Phil Hoffman vs. L'Histoire Immobile"

Saturday, April 15

Session 5: Dark Matters

  • Cameron Campbell, "Age and the Career Dynamics of Qing Officials"
  • Marco Casari, "The Dynamic of Institutional Change" (Joint with Maurizio Lisciandra and Ali Seyhun Saral)
  • Tracy Dennison, "Growth in a Traditional Society: The View from Eastern Europe"

Session 6: We Will Always Have Britain

  • Gary Cox, "Agglomeration and Creative Output in Early Modern Britain" (Joint with Valentin Figueroa)
  • Jonathan Chapman, "Justices of the Peace: Legal Foundations of the Industrial Revolution" (Joint with Tim Besley, Dan Bogart, and Nuno Palma)
  • John Styles, "John Holker and International Industrial Espionage in the Eighteenth Century"
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