Institutions in Democracies

Friday, November 11, 2011
8:00am to 6:00pm
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Baxter B125
Institutions in Democracies
Various Speakers,
Caltech Alumni Conference In Honor of Gary Cox and Barry Weingast

November 11, 2011

25 Baxter

8:00am 6:00pm


Guest Speakers:

Gary Cox Sovereign debt, political stability and bargaining efficiency

Barry Weingast Democratization and Countermajoritarian Institutions: Power and Constitutional Design In Self-Enforcing Democracy

Jim Snyder Judicial Selection and the Quality of Judges

Christopher Hoag National Bank Window Dressing and the Call Loan Market, 1865-1872

Jon Eguia Origin of Parties: The United States Congress in 1789-1797 as a Test Case

Salvatore Nunnari Dynamic Legislative Bargaining with Veto Power

With Discussions by: Jean Laurent Rosenthal, John Ferejohn, Morgan Kousser, Elizabeth Penn, Roger Noll and Morris Fiorina

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