Caltech-Huntington Humanities Collaborations (CHHC) Seminar: Rory Cox, Caltech

Thursday, October 5, 2017
4:00pm to 5:00pm
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Dabney Hall 110 (Treasure Room)
Towards a Global History of the Ethics of War
Rory Cox, Visiting Associate in the Humanities, Caltech; Lecturer in Late Medieval History, University of St Andrews,

This lecture explores possible approaches to a global history of the ethics of war. It will survey how different traditions over the last four millennia have attempted to tackle the challenges posed by warfare to systems of morality and justice. It will also ask whether such a comparative project is necessary, possible, or even desirable, highlighting some of the potential rewards and pitfalls when engaging in large-scale comparative history.


About the series: The CHHC program is organized around an ongoing series of two-year interdisciplinary research modules, developed and coordinated by a small group of Caltech faculty members and Huntington residential research fellows. The 2016–2018 CHHC module, titled "Violence and Order Past and Present," studies the various roles that violence has played in political and social order, as well as the possible norms and cultural attitudes that have governed its use. Learn more at chhc.caltech.edu.

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