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Pl/CNS/NB/Bi/Psy 167
9 units (3-0-6)  | second term
Prerequisites: None, but strongly suggest prior background in philosophy of mind and basic neurobiology (such as Bi 150).

One of the last great challenges to our understanding of the world concerns conscious experience. What exactly is it? How is it caused or constituted? And how does it connect with the rest of our science? This course will cover philosophy of mind, cognitive psychology, and cognitive neuroscience in a mixture of lectures and in-class discussion. There are no formal pre-requisites, but background in philosophy (equivalent to Pl 41, Pl 110) and in neuroscience (equivalent to NB/Bi/CNS 150) is strongly recommended and students with such background will be preferentially considered. Limited to 20.

Instructors: Adolphs, Eberhardt