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L 114 abc
Spanish Language Literature and its Film Adaptations
9 units (3-0-6)  | first, second, third terms
Prerequisites: L 112 abc or equivalent.
Offered concurrently with Hum 114abc. This course explores the mixed cultures of the Spanish speaking countries and the United States, through a compilation of novel excerpts, short stories, drama, music, poetry, and film. This heterogeneity of written and audiovisual texts aims to acquaint students with the rich cultures of the Spanish speaking peoples, from the standpoint of ethnicity, gender, and social class. The course also focuses on continuing to develop Spanish language skills. Conducted in Spanish. (a) The traditional role of women during dictatorships and their journey to freedom (b) Family relationships and their impact on mental and physical health (c) building gender, social, and economic equality. Each term can be taken independently. Students who write papers in English may enroll in this class as humanities, which satisfies the advanced humanities requirement.
Instructor: Arjona