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En 89
Journalism and Storytelling
9 units (3-0-6)  | third term

Today's political and social turmoil have cast a sometimes harsh light on news media and the journalistic writing approach. Is the media fulfilling its role in our democracy? What should it be? And what approach should journalists take in their reporting and writing? This course will ponder these questions as it explores how to construct interesting, relevant, journalistic storytelling, including the use of new media tools. It will emphasize the foundations of the craft, such as close attention to fact, accuracy, clarity and precision, and examine its critical components, such as story form, reporting and interviewing, theme and scene, and character development. It will offer opportunities to construct a long-form journalistic piece. Students will produce numerous stories and other writing during the class, including profiles, issues, analysis and reviews. Several of these will be offered for publication in The California Tech. There will be class visits by professional journalists and a possible off-campus excursion.

Instructor: Kipling