Hum/H 4

Political, Social, and Intellectual Change in Early Modern Europe

9 units (3-0-6)    |  third term
This course will examine the major changes that transformed western civilization between 1300 and 1800--the early modern period. It will also introduce students to real works of history. Reading will therefore include not just classic writings by contemporaries, but works by professional historians. The focus will be on big political questions posed by the history of early modern Europe, questions that remain of interest: In a violent world, what role should morality play in politics? What do we want out of government at a time when states are weak-one that is strong enough to secure our lives and our property in the midst of ubiquitous violence or one that will pursue a common democratic purpose? If we value security above all else, what will protect us against a state dictatorship? And what provokes revolutions-ideas, material interests, or strategic political behavior?
Instructor: Hoffman

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