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En 186
The Novel of Education
9 units (3-0-6)  | first term
What does it mean to be educated? This class will consider this question via a series of novels that take us from secondary school to the university, and from the nineteenth century to the present. Concentrating on British literature, with its compelling tendency to focalize historical anxieties about class, race and social reform through depictions of formal schooling practices, we too will consider these issues as we enter classrooms and eavesdrop on faculty conversations. At the same time, there will be ample scope to engage with more abstract questions about power, pedagogy, and alienation, and we will use our reading's rich stock of schoolyard bullies, boarding school mean girls, struggling scholars and power-mad professors as the concrete anchor for such considerations. Authors read may include Dickens, Bronte, Waugh, Amis, Spark, Lodge, Ishiguro and Zadie Smith. Not offered 2018-19.
Instructor: Gilmore