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Recent HSS Student Summer Research

Year Last Name First Name Mentor SFP Program Project Title
2023 Alsup Jena Alvarez SURF Investigating the Role of Greenwashing in Social Media
2023 Barbano Ava Adolphs SURF Using webcam-based eye tracking technology to probe atypical gaze behavior in autism
2023 Bohlman Ella Adolphs SURF Developmental Milestones in Children with Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum
2023 Goldman Jacob Rangel SURF GPU Estimation of Computational Models of the Impact of Attention on Simple Choice
2023 Hong Qianhui Adolphs SURF Using Pupil Response to Measure Emotion in Autism
2023 Kim Julia Mobbs SURF Effectiveness of Positive Reinforcement in Preventing Toxic Disinhibition
2023 Lai Audrey Adolphs SURF Using Machine Learning to Classify Autism from Oculomotor Features
2023 Marquis Katherine Janas SURF Machine Learning, Image Processing, and Economic Activity During COVID-19 in the US
2023 Nag Shreya Alvarez SURF A Joint-Sentiment Topic Modeling Approach to Examining the Effect of Social Media Discussions on Gaming Activity
2023 Omosun Jamal Alvarez VURP Identifying and Predicting Toxicity in Online Communities Using Data Modeling Techniques
2023 Onderdonk Gabriella Rangel SURF The Role of Attention in Decision-Making and Its Influence Over Choices in Online Experiments
2023 Raghunath Sarita O'Doherty Amgen
2023 Sandroni Alec Saito SURF Axiomatization of Random Utility Model with missingdata
2023 Shendrikar Siddhartha Alvarez SURF Climate Misinformation in Twitter
2023 Strulieva Yelyzaveta Sherman SURF Moment Estimation for Within- and Across-Time Correlated Random Coefficient Linear Panel Data Models: A Comprehensive Analysis
2023 Yang Lynn Rangel SURF Estimation of computational models of the impact of attentionon simple choice using Julia
2022 Avila-Rimer Beatriz Lopez Moctezuma SURF The Impact of Electoral Gender Quotas on Policy
2022 Bohlman Ella Adolphs Amgen Scholars Early Language Development in Children with Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum as Compared to Children at High- and Low-Likelihood for ASD
2022 Chang Katherine Camerer SURF Exploring habit formation theories with large scale field data for travel behavior
2022 Dey Sreemanti Alvarez SURF The New Face of Political Advertising: Using Image Sentiment Analysis to Classify Tone in Political Campaign Ads
2022 Granovskiy Reggy Jacobson SURF Archival Study of Visualizations of California Groundwater Infrastructure
2022 Graven Henry Camerer SURF Simulated Models of Bursty Human Behavior Analyzed with Underused Statistical Tests
2022 Hightower Erica Wey-Gomez WAVE The War of Words: An Exploration of the Literary Battlefield During the Age of Discovery
2022 Kalburge Ishan Camerer SURF Modeling Habit Formation Using Novel "Neural Autopilot" Model
2022 Laurent Kushnerniva Alvarez WAVE Parcel-Level Disaster Recovery in the Florida Panhandle: An Analysis of Hurricane Michael
2022 Li Zhuoya Ewens SURF The Key Features Venture Capitalists Focus on for the Most Promising Investment
2022 Luna Carla Adolphs WAVE Webcam Based Eye-tracking as a Tool for Characterizing Atypical Visual Attention in Autism Spectrum Disorder
2022 Malueg Georgia Ewens SURF Startup's predicted performance without public disclosures
2022 Maule Beatrice Camerer SURF Warm, Competent, Unequal: The Current State Of Hiring Discrimination
2022 Okada Noah Mobbs WAVE A Paradigm For The Study Of Escape and Reward Computation Under Threat
2022 Ortega Grisso Alejandro Ewens SURF Innovation of Private Firms in Growing Markets
2022 Rajagopalan Kavya Camerer SURF Discrimination metrics, coalition games and it's influence on the impoverished
2022 Rim Patrick Alvarez SURF Analyzing Emotion in Political Ad Videos Using Novel Neural Model
2022 Sandroni Alec Saito SURF Computational Analysis of Random Utility Model with Missing Information
2022 Sherman Bre' Anna Adolphs WAVE Remote Administration of a Visual Matching Interhemispheric Transfer Test to Capture Individual Variation in DCC Adults
2022 Swartwood Brea Ewens SURF Private Company Outcome Prediction
2018 Abney Nayla Mobbs SURF How Fear Impairs Positive Life Choices
2021 Ateyeh Abdullah Ewens SURF Financing Sources and the Trajectory of Innovation
2021 Banse AD Katz WAVE Is Democracy Fair? An observation of congressional elections over time.
2021 Blanes Camila Lopez-Moctezuma SURF The Effects of Electoral Institutions on Party Discipline: An Analysis of Speech and Votes in Mexican Congress
2021 Blend Halle Ewens SURF The Impact of Blue Sky Laws on Financial Development
2018 Briones Jack Alvarez SURF Real-Time Election Analysis: Using NLP to Avoid Bias in Corpora Containing Short Documents
2021 Chang Katherine Camerer SURF Using Remote Webcam-Based Eye-Tracking to Test Theories of Salience and Rational Inattention in Economic Decisions
2020 Chang Katherine Camerer SURF Impact of Forced Exploration on Habit Persistence
2017 Chase Zach Tamuz SURF Property HT
2017 Chung Bo Ryehn Adolphs SURF Computational Modeling of Social Learning in Humans: How Implicit Race Bias Influences Trustworthiness Judgments
2019 Ciecierski-Holmes Tads Camerer SURF Revisiting the Intertemporal Choice Problem in the Context of Exercise Habits
2019 Clark Ryan Adolphs SURF Can the Implicit Association Test Predict People's Biases?
2021 DelRosario Dasani O'Doherty WAVE The Role of Overconfidence in Susceptibility to Conspiracy Theory Belief
2017 Denko Alex Eberhardt SURF Determining Independence Relations in Cyclic Graphs
2018 Devasenapathy Kriti Adolphs SURF Computational Modeling of the Influence of Implicit Bias on Trait Learning
2019 Eason Ethan Alvarez SURF Using Real-World Training Data and Machine Learning to Detect Voter Fraud in Honduras
2018 Fager David Sherman SURF Analysis of a Correlated Random Coefficient Panel Data Model
2021 Gaskin Karlton Hagan WAVE Individuals high in symptoms of anorexia nervosa display differences in attention and learning
2021 Ghezae Isaias Camerer WAVE Social learning and the dynamic updating of group value
2021 Gorokhovsky Elia Tamuz SURF A Quantitative Neumann’s Lemma and Investigation of Group Growth
2021 Gowrishankar Akshay Alvarez SURF Election Forensics and Anomaly Detection in the 2020 Georgia Election Cycle
2018 Grotzinger Heather Wey-Gomez SURF Bartolome de Las Casas's Devastation of the Indies: the Rise of Human Rights From a Debate Over Spain's Lordship of the Indies
2021 Hashash Sarah Alvarez SURF Detecting and Deterring Harmful Online Speech Directed at American Election Officials
2020 Hummel Lexa Mobbs SURF Creating a Set of Virtual Decision-Making Tasks
2019 Hyun Michelle Alvarez SURF Analysis of Vote Share Drifts During Post-Election Canvass in Orange County
2021 Israel Daniel Eberhardt SURF Brain Parcellation With Causal Feature Learning
2021 Jenkins Leo Rosenthal SURF Digitalizing Parisian Death Records for Building a Searchable Database
2017 Jensen Sam Hagan Amgen Scholars Interoception and Its Relationship to Prospection and Retrospection
2018 Josyula Maya Tamuz SURF Studying Minimal Winning Coalitions of Transitive Voting Rules
2020 Juarez Ben Alvarez SURF Detecting Election Fraud With Machine Learning in Bolivia
2017 Karthikeyan Niv Kiewiet SURF The Evolution of Candidates in the Face of California's Top-Two Primary System
2020 Kukavica Tony Camerer SURF Income Targeting and the Labor Supply of Rideshare Driver-Partners
2019 Kukavica Tony Camerer SURF Empirically Identifying Habitual Behavior in Gym Attendance
2018 Lee Hye Joon Camerer SURF Meta-Analysis of Empirical Estimates of Loss-Aversion
2019 Lee Lin Lin Eberhardt SURF Mapping Causal Connections in Leech Ganglia
2021 Li Eileen Nielsen SURF Eliciting Decision Algorithms for Choices Under Uncertainty
2018 Li Jingjing Camerer SURF Study of Relationship Between Curiosity and Confidence
2018 Liang Crystal Gilmartin SURF Tristram Shandy as Material and Historical Fiction
2019 Liebana Garcia Samuel Eberhardt SURF Neuroscience meets Electrical Engineering: neuroscientists might be able to understand microprocessors after all.
2021 Lin Damon Rosenthal SURF Digitalizing Twentieth Century Parisian Death Records to Build a Searchable Database
2019 Liu Elise Adolphs SURF Psychophysical Studies of Human Cognitive Control
2018 Liu Sarina Ewens SURF The Role of Contracts in Venture Capital Returns for Limited Partners
2020 Liu Victoria Gilmartin SURF Constructing Deviant Women: The Intersections of Victorian Medicine and Literature
2021 Mathur Leena Adolphs SURF Learning Culturally-Invariant Representations of Affect for Multimodal, Cross-Cultural Affect Perception
2021 McGraw Kyle O'Doherty SURF Classifying Decision Making Behavior in Psychiatric Disorders
2020 McGraw Kyle Alvarez SURF Surgical Risk Calculator: Predictive Modeling of Surgical Outcomes
2019 Moar Rae Adolphs SURF Perceptual Straightening Task to Test Predictive Coding Theory of Autism
2017 Moffatt Connor Kousser SURF Investigating Legislation Intended to Curtail Minority Vote Dilution
2018 Moss John Eberhardt SURF Causal Discovery Methods for Analyzing Mouse fMRI
2021 Onyekonwu Chidinma Wiggins SURF The Job Conundrum: Exploring the Politics of Work Among African Americans in the Post-Civil Rights Era
2020 Pagon Chase Alvarez SURF Using Machine and Deep Learning Approaches to Improve the Estimation of Social Media Geographic Locations
2021 Park Eunice Adolphs SURF Examining the Impact of an Individual's Physical and Personal Proximity to COVID-19 on Mental Health
2021 Parker John Eisenthal SURF Mach, Einstein, and the Rejection of the Luminiferous Ether
2021 Pruitt Trinity Rangel WAVE Sampling Noise Does Not Change With Experience During Simple Choice
2017 Pu Peter Jin SURF Eye-tracking shows how people with ASD differ in collecting visual information for social inferences on daily scenes
2021 Rajagopalan Kavya Camerer SURF Determining the Priority Queuing Mechanism From a Poverty Framework
2021 Redmond Heidi Adolphs SURF The Influence of Gender on Social Perception
2021 Russell Jada Adolphs WAVE Longitudinal Impacts of Discrimination on Depressive Symptomatology in Racial/Ethnic Minorities During the COVID-19 Pandemic
2017 Sandra Dasha Adolphs SURF Computational Approaches to Individual Differences in Altruistic Decision-Making
2020 Santiago Raffy Jin SURF Reinforcement Learning and Investor Behavior in Financial Markets
2019 Santiago Raffy Sherman SURF Identification and Estimation in a Linear Panel Data Model Allowing Random Coefficients to Be Correlated With Regressors Within and Across Time Periods
2019 Santos Louis Adolphs SURF Predicting Intelligence from Structural MRI Data
2018 Schneider Spencer Alvarez SURF Testing the Integrity of Voter Registration Databases Using Repeated Record Linkage
2021 Siri Jay Gilmore SURF Recovering the Legacy of the Schuster Siblings and Arthur Schuster’s International Science Efforts in 19th-Century Siam
2021 Solovyeva Nina Ewens SURF Startups Raising Capital Without Public Disclosures
2020 Solovyeva Nina Camerer SURF Effects of Visual Saliency in Human Behavior
2018 Sontakke Sumedh Adolphs SURF Predicting General Intelligence using Resting State fMRI data: A Machine Learning Approach
2021 Tan Lance Ewens SURF Determining the Predictive Power of Pre-IPO Signals for Post-Public Stock Returns
2021 Twombly Gabriella Ewens SURF Non-Venture Capital Backed Startups
2019 Valencic Luka Kiewiet SURF Supplemental Education and Educational Outcomes in the California Public School System
2019 Vinson Jamie Pomatto SURF Non-Monotonic Decision Making Under Ambiguity via Interval Preferences
2018 Wahle Iman O'Doherty SURF A Feature-Based Model for Artwork Valuation
2018 Wang John Hoffman SURF The Economic Impact of Banking Networks in Early 19th Century England
2019 Windham Amy Jahner SURF Medieval Mystics and Female Authorship in the Middle Ages: An Examination of the First Autobiography in the English Language
2018 Xu Mark Eberhardt SURF Alternate Interhemisphere Connections Given Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum
2017 Yin Tenzin Eberhardt Amgen Scholars Causal Analysis of Brain Imaging Data to Understand the Minds of Split-Brain Patients
2021 Yu Jennifer Adolphs SURF Smartphone-based Eye-tracking for Assessing Autism Spectrum Disorder
2021 Zhang Emily Adolphs SURF Exploring the Effect of Media Consumption on Attitudes Towards Asian Americans