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Recent HSS Senior Theses

'It's Our War Too': Barriers to Authorship by Women Writing Vietnam War Poetry

Grace Liu
BS '23, Biology and English
Awarded the 2023 Hallett Smith Prize

Who's Chinatown, Whose Chinatown? Visions of Urban Progress in Los Angeles Chinatown, 1970-2020

Abigail Yuan-Shan Jiang
BS '23, Materials Science and History
Awarded the 2023 Senior Undergraduate Thesis Prize; the 2023 Frederic W. Hinrichs, Jr., Memorial Award; and the 2022 Eleanor Searle Prize in Law, Politics, and Institutions; among other honors

Surveying Notions of Queer Asian American Community Through Literature: 1972–1998

Yun Emily Du
BS '22, Chemistry and History and Biology (minor)
Awarded the 2022 Merck Index Award and the 2021 Richard P. Schuster Memorial Prize

Controlling the Female Body: Obsession and Loss of Autonomy in Lolita and 'Berenice'

Margaret (Maggie) Lee
BS '22, Electrical Engineering and English (minor)
Awarded the 2022 Gordon McClure Memorial Communications Prize in English

What Do We Talk About When We Talk About Love? True Love, Passionate Love, and Pining in the Short Fiction of Raymond Carver and Tobias Wolff

Andrew M. Chan
BS '21, Geophysics and English
Awarded the 2021 Hallett Smith Prize

Navigating the Temporal Landscape of Trauma

Laura D. Hu
BS '21, Computer Science and English
Awarded the 2021 Senior Undergraduate Thesis Prize and the 2018 Mary A. Earl McKinney Prize in Literature (Poetry)

Charles the Bald: the Story of an Epithet

Margaret Audrey Anderson
BS '20, Physics and History
Awarded the 2020 Senior Undergraduate Thesis Prize, the 2020 Rodman W. Paul History Prize, and the 2018 Margie Lauritsen Leighton Prize

Fifty Years of Dividing Lines: From Selma and Montgomery, 1965 to Ferguson, 2015

Leonardo Balestri
BS '20, Mechanical Engineering and History
Awarded the 2020 Eleanor Searle Prize in Law, Politics, and Institutions and the 2016 Gordon McClure Memorial Communications Prizes in History

The Evolution of Dragons: From Living Serpents to Mythical Beasts

Sierra MacKenzie Lopezalles
BS '20, Biology and History

Caught in the Middle: Homosexual Guilt, Liminality, and the role of the 'Novel of Identification' in Post-World War, Pre-Stonewall America

Michael Anthony Goulet
BS '19, Computer Science and English

Town Meeting: A Representative but Non-Sovereign Institution

Filippos Lymperopoulos-Bountalis
BS '19, Mechanical Engineering and History and Computer Science (Minor)

The Gun Wa Trials: Chinese Doctors, Narrative Advertisement, and Consumer Fraud in the Late Nineteenth Century American West

Jessica Du Li
BS '18, Biology and History
Awarded the 2017 Rodman W. Paul History Prize

What Makes a Narrative? Understanding the Portrayals of Hermenegild's Rebellion

William Charles Schmidt
BS '18, Bioengineering and History

A Case for Ecclesiastical Minting of Anglo-Viking Coins

Joseph Edward Schneider
BS '18, Chemistry and History

Chaucer the Beginner: Imagining Chaucer's Creative Process in Creating "Book of the Duchess"

Matthew Gene Edwards
BS '17, English