Working Papers

# Title Authors Created
915 <cite>Shaw vs. Reno</cite> and the World of Redistricting and Representation Kousser, J. Morgan
528 A Retrospective on Retrospective Voting. Kiewiet, D. Roderick
Rivers, Douglas
1053 A Bargaining Model of Collective Choice Banks, Jeffrey S.
Duggan, John
1162 A bargaining model of legislative policy-making Banks, Jeffrey S.
Duggan, John
1099 A Bayesian Factor Analysis Model with Generalized Prior Information. Rowe, Daniel B. 08/01/2000
1110 A Bayesian Model to Incorportate Jointly Distributed Generalized Prior Information on Means and Loadings in Factor Analysis Rowe, Daniel B. 02/01/2001
1287 A Bayesian multinomial probit analysis of voter choice in Chile's 2005 presidential election Alvarez, R. Michael
Katz, Gabriel
757 A Bayesian Sequential Experimental Study of Learning in Games. El-Gamal, Mahmoud A.
McKelvey, Richard D.
Palfrey, Thomas R.
1120 A Bayesian Unobservable/Observable Source Separation Model and Activation Determination in FMRI. Rowe, Daniel B. 05/01/2001
887 A Binary Conflict Ascending Price (BICAP) Mechanism for the Decentralized Allocation of the Right to Use Railroad Tracks Brewer, Paul J.
Plott, Charles R.
885 A Bottom-Up Efficient Algorithm for Allocating Public Projects with Positive Complementarities Page, Scott E. 05/01/1994
147 A Case Study of Regulatory Programs of the Federal Energy Administration. Montgomery, W. D. 04/13/2011
1440 A Characterization of "Phelpsian" Statistical Discrimination Chambers, Christopher P.
Echenique, Federico
1420 A Characterization of Combinatorial Demand Chambers, Christopher P.
Echenique, Federico
1142 A Characterization of Strategic Complementarities Echenique, Federico 10/01/2002
1292 A citizen candidate model with private information and unique equilibrium Grosser, Jens
Palfrey, Thomas R.
333 A Class of Differential Games Where the Closed-Loop and Open-Loop Nash Equilibria Coincide. Reinganum, Jennifer F.
17 A Class of Generalized Metzlerian Matrices. Quirk, James P.
362 A Comment on the Subjectivist Position. Zaman, Asad 11/01/1980
457 A Comparative Analysis of Direct Democracy, Two Candidate Elections, and Three Candidate Elections in an Experimental Environment. Plott, Charles R. 11/01/1982
981 A Comparison of Empirical Investment Equations using Company Panel Data for France, Germany, Belgium and the UK Elston, Julie 03/01/1997
170 A Comparison of Party Identification in Great Britain and the United States. Cain, Bruce E.
Ferejohn, John A.
926 A Comparison of Political Institutions in a Tiebout Model Page, Scott E.
Kollman, Ken
Miller, John H.
654 A Comparison of Two Consistent Estimators in the Choice-Based Sampling Qualitative Response Model. Amemiya, Takeshi
Vuong, Quang H.
783 A Computerized Laboratory Market System and Research Support Systems for the Multiple Unit Double Auction. [replaces working paper 676] Plott, Charles R. 11/01/1991
794 A Consistent Test of Stationary Ergodicity. Domowitz, Ian
El-Gamal, Mahmoud A.
323 A Constituency M. P. and His Local Community: A Case Study. Cain, Bruce E.
Ritchie, David B.
1243 A contraction principle for finite global games Mathevet, Laurent 03/01/2006
356 A Convergent Demand Revealing Process. Suchanek, Gerry L. 08/01/1980
460 A core existence theorem for games without ordered preferences (orig. title "On Equilibria of Excess Demand Correspondence"). Border, Kim C. 01/01/1983
897 A Core-Theoretic Solution for the Design of Cooperative Agreements on Transfrontier Pollution Chander, Parkash
Tulkens, Henry
462 A Cost-Benefit Approach to Drinking Water and Cancer. Page, Talbot
Harris, Robert
1076 A Crash Course in Implementation Theory Jackson, Matthew O. 07/01/1999
657 A Decade of Experimental Research on Spatial Models of Elections and Committees. McKelvey, Richard D.
Ordeshook, Peter C.
294 A Decision-Theoretic Approach to Arms Competition. McCubbins, Mathew D. 03/11/2010
734 A Dominant Strategy Double Auction. McAfee, R. Preston 05/01/1990
846 A Draft Constitution for the Russian Federation Ordeshook, Peter C.
Schwartz, Thomas
289 A Dynamic Game of R &amp; D: Patent Protection and Competitive Behavior. Reinganum, Jennifer F.
843 A Dynamic Migration Model with Uncertainty El-Gamal, Mahmoud A. 03/01/1993
452 A Dynamic Model of Targeting in R & D Contracts. Balbien, Joel
Wilde, Louis L.
1347 A dynamic school choice model Pereyra, Juan Sebastian 05/16/2011
59 A Dynamic Theory of Competition. Klein, Burton H.
199 A Dynamic Theory of Regulation. Klein, Burton H. 01/01/1978
293 A Dynamic View of the Economy. Klein, Burton H. 01/01/1980
339 A Formal Model of Government Sponsored Research (with Applications to Solar Power Systems). Balbien, Joel
Wilde, Louis L.
368 A Framework for Unreasonable Risk in the Toxic Substances Control Act. Page, Talbot 03/10/2011
738 A Game-Theoretic Interpretation of Sun Tzu's the Art of War. Niou, Emerson M. S.
Ordeshook, Peter C.
1186 A general characterization of interim efficient mechanisms for independent linear environments Ledyard, John O.
Palfrey, Thomas R.
791 A General Characterization of Optimal Income Taxation and Enforcement. Chander, Parkash
Wilde, Louis L.
386 A Generalized Model of Pricing for Homogeneous Goods Under Imperfect Information. Sadanand, Asha
Wilde, Louis L.