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Peter Doe headshot 2021
  • Social Sciences Graduate Student

Peter Doe

After speaking with one of the students in the social sciences PhD program, I saw Caltech as a place where the faculty would invest in me as a student, rather than try to get things out of me."

Alejandro Robinson Cortes headshot
  • PhD '20, Social Sciences

Alejandro Robinson-Cortés

Caltech is a unique place. Characterized by its focus on theoretical reasoning and rigorous methods. And located at the heart of the lovely and multicultural San Gabriel Valley. It’s a tough combination to beat."

Shunto Kobayashi headshot 2021
  • Social Sciences Graduate Student

Shunto Kobayashi

Because the number of graduate students is relatively small, we all know each other well. I think this encourages us to discuss research frequently and support each other's endeavors."

Yi Xin
  • Assistant Professor of Economics

Yi Xin

Data are powerful. Understanding human behavior with real-world data provides important insights into policy design aimed at improving consumer welfare and market efficiency."

Visualization headshot for Kirby Nielsen
  • Assistant Professor of Economics; William H. Hurt Scholar

Kirby Nielsen

Experiments are starting to get incorporated into mainstream economics but are still a relatively new tool. Caltech has been a powerhouse in experimental economics from the beginning, and it's so exciting to join the tradition."

Visualization headshot for Danielle Wiggins
  • Assistant Professor of History

Danielle Wiggins

I bring to the classroom complex questions concerning inequality and justice that I've often yet to figure out myself. I invite students to think along with me and, through this collaboration, I equip them with tools to confront the most pressing concerns of our time."