Theory of Biological Computation Student Seminar

Tuesday, October 2, 2018
6:00pm to 8:00pm
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Welcome to Caltech! We are writing to invite you to join the Theory of Biological Computation Seminar and Reading Group. This informal, student-led (professor-free) seminar series and reading group will begin Tuesday, October 2nd from 6pm to 8pm in BBB B101 (NeuroTechers Lounge).

The first topic of this series is dynamical systems and how they form a foundation for biochemical and neuroscience modelling. In addition, we see this series as a chance to foster a community of students interested in biological computation (both in theory and experiments) - so if you are new to Caltech and/or new to this subject area and would like to meet senior graduate students, discuss your classes, rotations, advisors, etc. this will be an excellent opportunity. Please RSVP to Anish Sarma.

Additional topics introduced throughout the series will include neural networks, statistics, information theory, optimization, and control and how these mathematical foundations help us understand biological systems. We are also organizing tutorials ranging from choosing your advisor to software packages for machine learning to basic neural anatomy. Don't know what all of these areas are? That's great! This series is meant to provide a roadmap to help incoming students navigate courses and topics and to meet the quantitative neuro and bio communities at Caltech. Want to hear about additional topics? Well, so do we! This seminar grew out of an informal reading group driven by our interests and we hope to keep that flexible attitude moving forward by adjusting the topics and papers based upon the interest of all the participants.

Hope to see you all Tuesday!

For more information, please contact Anish Sarma by email at aasarma@caltech.edu.