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Summer Research Takes a Medieval Turn

Judy Hill
Delving into manuscripts, a SURF student finds a new focus
Jennifer Jahner and Amy Windham

On the Edge of Philosophy and Physics

Whitney Clavin
Charles Sebens discusses philosophical questions lying at the root of physics.
Charles Sebens

Can AI Be Fair?

Whitney Clavin
Experts discuss whether machine-learning programs can be unbiased.
Illustration representing the question of whether AI's can be fair.

Caltech Undergrad Weighs in on Privacy Laws

Robert Perkins
CS major Rona Yu prepares to deliver comments to the FTC on privacy.
Rona Yu

Anxious People Quicker to Flee Danger

Whitney Clavin
By better understanding anxiety circuits in our brains, researchers may learn what goes awry in people with anxiety disorders.
Picture of a tiger

Artist-in-Residence to Screen Experimental Film on Campus

Emily Velasco
Leslie Thornton, the first artist-in-residence of the new Caltech-Huntington Program in Visual Culture, will screen her 30-years-in-the-making experimental film series Peggy and Fred in Hell on campus..
A portrait of artist Leslie Thornton. She wears a red dress and glasses.

When Dreams Were Fortune Tellers

Whitney Clavin
A Conversation with George Pigman about Conceptions of Dreaming from Antiquity
Italian painting of Constantine's dream

Caltech and The Huntington Launch Research Institute for History of Science and Technology

Caltech and The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens are establishing the Advanced Research Institute in the History of Science and Technology.
A colorful collage showing bits from the history of science and technology, including a portrait of Ada Lovelace, a castle, a steam locomotive, Nikola Tesla, and a PDP-7 computer

New Visual Culture Program Coming to Caltech and The Huntington

A grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation will allow Caltech to create a new program in visual culture that will involve students, researchers, and artists.
A colorful collage consisting of imagery of neon signs, art, and 3D glasses

Cindy Weinstein to Tackle Alzheimer's Disease in New Book that Combines Memoir, Literature, and Science

Emily Velasco
Three decades ago, Caltech's Cindy Weinstein watched her father succumb to early-onset Alzheimer's. Now she's writing a book about it.
Portrait of Cindy Weinstein, Caltech's Eli and Edythe Broad Professor of English, vice provost, and chief diversity officer
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