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Caltech Launches Merkin Institute for Translational Science

A gift to Break Through: The Caltech Campaign from trustee Richard Merkin will help Caltech scientists and engineers transform discoveries and inventions into advances in human health.
Richard Merkin

Caltech Undergrad Weighs in on Privacy Laws

Robert Perkins
CS major Rona Yu prepares to deliver comments to the FTC on privacy.
Rona Yu

The Well-Connected Theorist

“In networks,” says economic theorist Teddy Mekonnen, “how you connect one person to another really matters.” When he came to Caltech as a Linde Postdoctoral Fellow, Mekonnen joined a network designed in a way he had never seen.
Teddy Mekonnen

Anxious People Quicker to Flee Danger

Whitney Clavin
By better understanding anxiety circuits in our brains, researchers may learn what goes awry in people with anxiety disorders.
Picture of a tiger

Artist-in-Residence to Screen Experimental Film on Campus

Emily Velasco
Leslie Thornton, the first artist-in-residence of the new Caltech-Huntington Program in Visual Culture, will screen her 30-years-in-the-making experimental film series Peggy and Fred in Hell on campus..
A portrait of artist Leslie Thornton. She wears a red dress and glasses.

The Research Institute for the History of Science and Technology at Caltech and The Huntington announces its upcoming plans and research themes

Established this year as a joint program between the California Institute of Technology and The Huntington, Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens, the new Research Institute for the History of Science and Technology at Caltech and The Huntington (RIHST) is pleased to announce its plans and research themes for the next three years.
Drosophila by Edith Wallace for Thomas Hunt Morgan 1934 Caltech Archives

When Dreams Were Fortune Tellers

Whitney Clavin
A Conversation with George Pigman about Conceptions of Dreaming from Antiquity
Italian painting of Constantine's dream

This is Your Brain on Fear

Dean Mobbs, assistant professor of cognitive neuroscience, researches what happens in the brain when people feel threatened. In a video interview for the Caltech Break Through campaign, Mobbs explains how he draws inspiration for his experiments from an unlikely source: horror movies.
Dean Mobbs CBIC photo

Mental Math and Life Stories

Hamed Hamze (MS ’10) uses math to study how people make decisions. As a graduate student in economics, he models scenarios ranging from the hypothetical to real-world social choices such as voting.
Hamed Hamze

NSF Director France Córdova to Speak at Caltech's 125th Commencement Ceremony

Davin Malasarn
The distinguished astrophysicist, director of the National Science Foundation (NSF), and Caltech alumna (PhD '79), will give the keynote speech at Caltech's 2019 Commencement ceremony on June 14.
Headshot of France Córdova