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Ditch Day? It’s Today, Frosh!

On May 22, students celebrated Ditch Day, one of Caltech's oldest traditions.

At the Intersection of Art and Science

Larry Wilson’s Pasadena Star-News column covers “At the Intersection of Art and Science: A Conversation with Joyce Carol Oates and Charles Gross” co-organized by Caltech’s Divisions of the Humanities and Social Sciences and Biology and Biological Engineering.
JCO and CG

Switching on One-Shot Learning in the Brain

Kimm Fesenmaier
Caltech researchers find the brain regions responsible for making snap decisions about cause and effect.

Voting Rights, by the Numbers

Professor J. Morgan Kousser's recent study—featured prominently in the New York Times lead editorial, “Voting Rights, by the Numbers,”—provides a groundbreaking overview of the history of U.S. voting rights from 1957 through 2013.
Voting Rights, by the Numbers

More Money, Same Bankruptcy Risk

Jessica Stoller-Conrad
Researchers find pro football players, despite their multimillion-dollar contracts, are just as likely to go bankrupt as other people.

English Professor Awarded Feynman Teaching Prize

Cynthia Eller
Professor of English Kevin Gilmartin, who has taught at Caltech for the past 24 years, was honored with the prize that recognizes a Caltech professor annually for demonstrating an "unusual ability, creativity, and innovation" in teaching.

Caltech Economist Wins Onassis Prize in Finance

Kimm Fesenmaier
Richard Roll, the Linde Institute Professor of Finance at Caltech, has been named one of two recipients of this year's Onassis Prize in Finance.

Learning From Experience — How Do We Do It?

Douglas Smith
It is often said that people who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. John P. O'Doherty, professor of psychology and director of the Caltech Brain Imaging Center, discusses our current understanding of how we learn from experience.
fMRI scans of brain regions involved in value judgements

Caltech Students Compete in the Chicago Quantitative Alliance Investment Challenge

Mentored by Lecturer in Economics, Kenneth Winston, a team of Caltech students competed in the Chicago Quantitative Alliance equity portfolio management competition.
CQA 2016

Alumni Panel: Insights into Finance Careers

Organized and moderated by Linde Institute Professor of Finance Richard Roll, a panel of prominent alumni discuss leveraging science and engineering degrees into successful careers in finance.
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