Working Papers

# Title Authors Created
1354 Finding a Walrasian Equilibrium is easy for a fixed number of agents Echenique, Federico
Wierman, Adam
1353 Salary competition in matching markets with private informaiton Boosey, Luke A. 09/06/2011
1352 Legislative bargaining and the dynamics of public investment Battaglini, Marco
Nunnari, Salvatore
Palfrey, Thomas R.
1351 What's age got to do with it? Supreme Court appointees and the long run location of the Supreme Court median justice Katz, Jonathan N.
Spitzer, Matthew L.
1350 Incentive compatibility of large centralized matching markets Lee, SangMok 06/23/2011
1349 Quantal Response and Nonequlibrium Beliefs Explain Overbidding in Maximum-Value Auctions Camerer, Colin F.
Nunnari, Salvatore
Palfrey, Thomas R.
1348 Testable Implications of Bargaining Theories Chambers, Christopher P.
Echenique, Federico
1347 A dynamic school choice model Pereyra, Juan Sebastian 05/16/2011
1346 The CMS auction: Experimental studies of a median-bid procurement auction with non-binding bids Merlob, Brian
Plott, Charles R.
Zhang, Yuanzun
1345 An experimental test of Marchall's basic principle of entry, volume and efficiency seeking market synamics Plott, Charles R.
Nilanjan, Roy
Tong, Baojia
1344 Why was it Europeans who conquered the world? Hoffman, Philip T. 03/18/2012
1343 Candidate Entry and Political Polarization: An anti-median voter theorem Grosser, Jens
Palfrey, Thomas R.
1342 Optimal Delivery in Display Advertising Mostagir, Mohamed 12/17/2010
1341 Exploiting Myopic Learning Mostagir, Mohamed 12/10/2010
1340 Can Relational Contracts Survive Stochastic Interruptions? Linardi, Sera
Camerer, Colin F.
1339 Community Dynamics in the Lab: Congestion, public good provision, and local instability Robbett, Andrea 11/30/2010
1338 Local Institutions and the Dynamics of Community Sorting Robbett, Andrea 11/30/2010
1337 Existence and testable implications of extreme stable matchings Echenique, Federico
Lee, SangMok
Yenmez, Mehmet Bumin
1336 An experimental comparison between free negotiation and multi-issue point mechanism Hortala-Vallve, Rafael
Llorente-Saguer, Aniol
Nagel, Rosemarie
1335 Pure strategy Nash euilibria in non-zero sum colonel Blotto games Hortala-Vallve, Rafael
Llorente-Saguer, Aniol
1334 The Process of Choice in Guessing Games Agranov, Marina
Caplin, Andrew
Tergiman, Chloe
1333 A revealed preference approach to computational complexity in economics Echenique, Federico
Golovin, Daniel
Wierman, Adam
1332 General revealed preference theory Chambers, Christopher P.
Echenique, Federico
Shmaya, Eran
1331 Competitive equillibrium in markets for votes (revised) Casella, Alessandra
Llorente-Saguer, Aniol
Palfrey, Thomas R.
1330 A reverse auction for toxic assets Armantier, Olivier
Holt, Charles A.
Plott, Charles R.
1329 Extreme Walrasian Dynamics: The Gale example in the lab Crockett, Sean
Oprea, Ryan
Plott, Charles R.
1328 Revealed preference tests using supermarket data: The money pump Echenique, Federico
Lee, SangMok
Shum, Matthew
1327 Strategic voting in a jury trial with plea bargaining Lee, SangMok 06/21/2010
1326 Nonparametric learning rules from bandit experiments: The eyes have it! Hu, Yingyao
Kayaba, Yutaka
Shum, Matthew
1325 Estimation of random coefficients logit demand models with interactive fixed effects Moon, Hyungsik Roger
Shum, Matthew
Weidner, Martin
1324 A simple estimator for dynamic models with serially correlated unobservables Hu, Yingyao
Shum, Matthew
Tan, Wei
1323 To elect or to appoint? Bias, information, and responsiveness of bureaucrats and politicians Iaryczower, Matias
Lewis, Garrett
Shum, Matthew
1322 Contracts vs. salaries in matching Echenique, Federico 05/21/2010
1321 Endowment effect theory, subject misconceptions and enchancement effect theory: A reply to Isoni, Lommes and Sugden Plott, Charles R.
Zeiler, Kathryn
1320 Modeling the change of paradigm: non-Bayesian reactions to unexpected news Ortoleva, Pietro 03/17/2010
1319 The pro-competitive effect of campaign limits in non-majoritarian elections Iaryczower, Matias
Mattozzi, Andrea
1318 Political institutions and the dynamics of public investment Battaglini, Marco
Nunnari, Salvatore
Palfrey, Thomas R.
1317 The axiomatic structure of empirical content Chambers, Christopher P.
Echenique, Federico
Shmaya, Eran
1316 Aggregate matchings Echenique, Federico
Lee, SangMok
Shum, Matthew
1315 Clearinghouses for two-sided matching: An experimental study Echenique, Federico
Wilson, Alistar J.
Yariv, Leeat
1314 Aspirations and Growth: A model where the income of others acts as a reference point (Revised: new title) Bogliacino, Francesco
Ortoleva, Pietro
1313 The value of information in the court. Get it right, keep it tight Iaryczower, Matias
Shum, Matthew
1312 The not-so-popular branch: Bicameralism as a counter-majoritarian device Iaryczower, Matias
Katz, Gabriel
Saiegh, Sebastian
1311 Information gatekeepers: Theory and experimental evidence Brocas, Isabelle
Carrillo, Juan D.
Palfrey, Thomas R.
1310 Testable implications of gross substitutes in demand Chambers, Christopher P.
Echenique, Federico
Shmaya, Eran
1309 Speculative overpricing in asset markets with information flows (Revised) Palfrey, Thomas R.
Wang, Stephanie W.
1308 Implications of Pareto Efficiency for two-agent (household) choice Echenique, Federico
Ivanov, Lozan
1307 Designing experiments with computational testbeds: Effects of convergence speed in coordination games Myung, Noah
Romero, Julian
1306 Ambiguity aversion in asset market: Experimental study of home bias Myung, Noah 06/01/2009
1305 Improving coordination and cooperation through competition Myung, Noah 06/01/2009