Working Papers

# Title Authors Created
141 Bureaucratic Compliance as a Game on the Unit Square. Miller, Gary J.
140 Dynamic and Static Components of Political Support in Britain. Cain, Bruce E.
139 Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry in America, 1870-1915: A Comparative Institutional Analysis. Kevles, Daniel J.
138 Candidate Preference Under Uncertainty: An Expanded View of Rational Voting. Weisberg, Herbert F.
Fiorina, Morris P.
137 Monopoly and the Rate of Extraction of Exhaustible Resources: Notes. Lewis, Tracy R.
Matthews, Steven A.
Burness, H. Stuart
136 The Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry Communities in America, 1870-1915: A Statistical Survey. Kevles, Daniel J.
Harding, Carolyn
135 Empirical Studies of Utility Regulation. Noll, Roger G. 04/13/2011
134 Liberalism in Retreat: The Interior Department, 1945-1952. Koppes, Clayton R. 07/01/1976
133 Market Search Models: A Selective Survey. Wilde, Louis L. 06/01/1976
132 Has the Averch-Johnson Effect Been Empirically Verified? McKay, Derek J. 10/01/1976
131 Responses to Disaster: Planning for a Great Earthquake in California. Cohen, Linda
Noll, Roger G.
Weingast, Barry R.
130 The Economics of Disaster Defense: The Case of Building Codes to Resist Seismic Shock. Cohen, Linda
Noll, Roger G.
129 Some Evidence on Non-Voting Models in the Spatial Theory of Electoral Competition. Hinich, M. J. 06/01/1976
128 A Simple Direction Model of Electoral Competition. Matthews, Steven A.
127 Priorities in American Behavioral History: Quantitative. Kousser, J. Morgan 05/30/2013
126 Energy vs. the Environment. Lewis, Tracy R. 05/01/1976
125 Major League Team Sports. Noll, Roger G. 04/13/2011
124 Some New Impossibility Theorems. Ferejohn, John A.
Grether, David M.
123 Two Notes on Distributed Lags, Prediction, and Signal Extraction. Grether, David M.
122 Safety Regulation. Cornell, N.
Noll, Roger G.
Weingast, Barry R.
121 The Inherent Predictability of Legislative Votes: The Perils of Successful Prediction. Weisberg, Herbert F. 04/01/1976
120 Rate of Return Regulation and Factor Bias in Innovations. Montgomery, W. D.
Quirk, James P.
119 Equilibrium in Spatial Voting: The Median Voter Result is an Artifact. Hinich, M. J. 06/01/1976
118 Price Uncertainty & the Heckscher-Ohlin Model. Forsythe, Robert
117 Decisive Coalitions in the Theory of Social Choice. Ferejohn, John A.
116 Axiomatic Social Choice Theory: An Overview and Interpretation. Plott, Charles R.
115 Censored Regression Models with Unobserved Stochastic Censoring Thresholds. Nelson, Forrest D.
114 What to Show the World: The Office of War Information and Hollywood, 1942-1945. Koppes, Clayton R.
Black, Gregory D.
113 Financial Implications of Regulatory Change in the Airline Industry. Levine, Michael E.
112 Political Science and Anthropology: The Study of Rural Politics in the Developing Areas. Bates, Robert H.
111 Alternatives to Regulation: Competition in Air Transportation and the Aviation Act of 1975. Levine, Michael E.
110 Transcript of a Five-Member Committee Experiment. Plott, Charles R. 01/01/1976
109 Population Pressure and Fertility Changes in Costa Rica, 1906-1970. Binger, Brian R.
Hoffman, Elizabeth
Newell, W. H.
108 Breaking Out of the Regulatory Dilemma: Alternatives to the Sterile Choice. Noll, Roger G.
107 Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Efficiency in an Economy with an Incomplete Set of Markets. Forsythe, Robert 01/01/1976
106 An Experimental Market for Public Goods: The PBS Station Program Cooperative. Ferejohn, John A.
Noll, Roger G.
105 The 'New Political History': A Methodological Critique. Kousser, J. Morgan
104 Optimal Resource Management Under Conditions of Uncertainty: The Case of an Ocean Fishery. Lewis, Tracy R. 11/01/1975
103 Attitudes Toward Risk and the Optimal Exploitation of an Exhaustible Resource. Lewis, Tracy R. 03/01/1976
102 The Issue Basis of Rural Politics in Africa. Bates, Robert H.
101 Committee Decisions Under Majority Rule: An Experimental Study. Fiorina, Morris P.
Plott, Charles R.
100 The Case of the Vanishing Marginals: The Bureaucracy Did It. Fiorina, Morris P. 05/30/2013
99 Economic Retrospective Voting in American National Elections: A Microanalysis. Fiorina, Morris P.
98 An Outline for a Model of Party Choic Fiorina, Morris P.
97 Information: Decision-Making Procedures and Energy Policy. Noll, Roger G.
96 Regulating Airmail Transportation. Levine, Michael E.
95 The Dilemma of Consumer Advocacy. Noll, Roger G.
94 The Physics, Mathematics, and Chemical Communities in the United States, 1870-1915: A Preliminary Statistical Report. Kevles, Daniel J. 08/01/1975
93 The Debate Over Postwar Research Policy, 1942-1945: A Political Interpretation of Science: The Endless Frontie Kevles, Daniel J.
92 The Limits to Growth: A Report for the Club of Rome. Klein, Burton H. 08/01/1975