Working Papers

# Title Authors Created
341 Continuous Social Decision Procedures. Ferejohn, John A.
Packel, Edward W.
340 Efficient Reliance and Contract Remedies. Published as "Efficient remedies & damage measures for breach of contract Rogerson, William P. 08/01/1980
339 A Formal Model of Government Sponsored Research (with Applications to Solar Power Systems). Balbien, Joel
Wilde, Louis L.
338 Evaluation of the Distribution Function of the Limited Information Maximum Likelihood Estimator. Anderson, T. W.
Kunitomo, Naoto
Sawa, Takamitsu
337 A Ham Sandwich Theorem for General Measures. Cox, Gary W.
McKelvey, Richard D.
336 Estimation of Dynamic Models with Error Components. Anderson, T. W.
Hsiao, Cheng
335 Revisionism Revised? Airline Deregulation and the Public Interest. Levine, Michael E.
334 Security Interests and Bankruptcy Priorities: A Review of Current Theories. Schwartz, Alan
333 A Class of Differential Games Where the Closed-Loop and Open-Loop Nash Equilibria Coincide. Reinganum, Jennifer F.
332 A Time Series Model with Qualitative Variables. Grether, David M.
Maddala, G. S.
331 Efficiency of Experimental Security Markets with Insider Information: An Application of Rational Expectations Models. Plott, Charles R.
Sunder, Shyam
330 Reputation and Product Quality. Rogerson, William P. 07/01/1980
329 A Note on the 1978 Jarvis-Gann Election. Balbien, Joel 07/01/1980
328 Women and the Legitimisation of Succession at the Norman Conquest. Searle, Eleanor
327 Adaptive Approaches to the CO2 Problem. Noll, Roger G.
326 Exact and Approximate Distributions of the Maximum Likelihood Estimator of a Slope Coefficient: The LIML Estimator for a Known Covariance Matrix. Anderson, T. W.
Sawa, Takamitsu
325 The Transfer Problem under Uncertainty: The Existence of Pareto-Improving Transfers. Forsythe, Robert
McCubbins, Mathew D.
324 What is Regulation? Noll, Roger G. 06/01/1980
323 A Constituency M. P. and His Local Community: A Case Study. Cain, Bruce E.
Ritchie, David B.
322 On Restoring Politics to Political History. Kousser, J. Morgan 05/01/1980
321 Literacy and Age in Preindustrial England: Quantitative Evidence and Implications. Galenson, David W. 05/01/1980
320 The Decline of Collective Responsibility in American Politics. Fiorina, Morris P.
319 Accounting for the Electoral Effects of Short Term Economic Fluctuations: The Role of Incumbency-Oriented and Policy-Oriented Voting. Kiewiet, D. Roderick 05/01/1980
318 White Servitude and the Growth of Black Slavery in Colonial America. Galenson, David W.
317 In Search of Scientific Regulation: The UHF Allocation Experiment. Nelson, Forrest D.
Noll, Roger G.
316 The Market Evaluation of Human Capital: The Case of Indentured Servitude. Galenson, David W. 06/15/2011
315 Equilibrium and Efficiency under Pure Entitlement Systems. Green, Edward J. 06/01/1981
314 Two Essays in the Philosophy of Economics. Green, Edward J.
Wilde, Louis L.
313 Competitive Equilibrium with Middlemen: An Empirical Study. Plott, Charles R.
Uhl, Jonathan T.
312 On the Diffusion of New Technology: A Game Theoretic Approach. Reinganum, Jennifer F.
311 Policy Components of Arms Competitions. McCubbins, Mathew D. 01/01/1983
310 Power Structure and Cardinality Restrictions for Paretian Social Choice Rules. Packel, Edward W. 04/01/1980
309 History QUASSHed, 1957-1980. Kousser, J. Morgan 03/01/1980
308 Cooperative Institutions for Sharing in the Oil Industry. Isaac, R. Mark 03/01/1980
307 A Note on 'Experimental Auction Markets and the Walrasian Hypothesis. Nelson, Forrest D.
306 Information Costs, Duration of Search and Turnover: Theory and Applications. Wilde, Louis L. 06/15/2011
305 The Role of Feedback in a Dynamically Stable Economic System. Klein, Burton H. 02/01/1980
304 Social Welfare Functions for Economic Environments with and without the Pareto Principle. Border, Kim C. 06/15/2011
303 Disequilibrium, Self-Selection and Switching Models. Maddala, G. S. 02/01/1980
302 Strategic Lobbying Behavior. Reinganum, Jennifer F. 06/15/2011
301 Collective Choice Mechanisms for Achieving Efficient Stock Market Allocations. Forsythe, Robert 12/01/1979
300 Implementation of Democratic Social Choice Functions. Ferejohn, John A.
Grether, David M.
McKelvey, Richard D.
299 Asset Valuation in an Experimental Market. Forsythe, Robert
Palfrey, Thomas R.
Plott, Charles R.
298 Experimental Methods in Political Economy: A Tool for Regulatory Research. Plott, Charles R.
297 A Note on Rational Threats and Competitive Equilibrium. Reinganum, Jennifer F. 06/01/1980
296 Methods of Estimation for Models of Markets with Bounded Price Variation. Maddala, G. S. 12/01/1979
295 The Rule of Five. Cox, Gary W.
Tutt, Tim
294 A Decision-Theoretic Approach to Arms Competition. McCubbins, Mathew D. 03/11/2010
293 A Dynamic View of the Economy. Klein, Burton H. 01/01/1980
292 Turnout and Rural Corruption: New York as a Test Case. Cox, Gary W.
Kousser, J. Morgan