Working Papers

# Title Authors Created
443 Probability Feedback in a Recursive System of Probability Models. Vuong, Quang H. 09/01/1982
442 An Empirical Analysis of Backlog, Inventory, Production and Price Adjustments: An Application of Recursive Systems of Log-Linear Models. Ottenwaelter, B.
Vuong, Quang H.
441 Implementing Representation: A Framework and Two Comparisons. Cain, Bruce E.
Jones, W. T.
440 Tradable Air Pollution Permits in the Overall Regulatory System: Problems of Regulatory Interactions. Hahn, Robert W.
Noll, Roger G.
439 The Constituency Service Basis of the Personal Vote for U.S. Representatives and British MPs. Cain, Bruce E.
Ferejohn, John A.
Fiorina, Morris P.
438 Group Concentration and the Delegation of Legislative Authority. Fiorina, Morris P. 08/01/1982
437 An Impossibility Theorem for Spatial Models. Border, Kim C. 08/01/1982
436 The Rationality of Candidates who Challenge Incumbents in Congressional Elections. Kiewiet, D. Roderick 07/01/1982
435 Who is Held Responsible? Further Evidence on the Hibbing-Alford Thesis. Fiorina, Morris P. 07/01/1982
434 Elections with Limited Information: A Fulfilled Expectations Model Using Contemporaneous Poll and Endorsement Data as Information Sources. McKelvey, Richard D.
Ordeshook, Peter C.
433 Government Policy and the Productivity Predicament. Noll, Roger G. 07/01/1982
432 The Future of Telecommunications Regulation. Noll, Roger G. 07/01/1982
431 Uncertain Innovation and the Persistence of Monopoly. Reinganum, Jennifer F. 06/01/1982
430 Handbook for Reform: Breyer on Regulation. Noll, Roger G. 07/07/2011
429 In the Mood: The Effect of Election Year Considerations upon the Appropriations Process. Kiewiet, D. Roderick
McCubbins, Mathew D.
428 Public Goods Provision in an Experimental Environment. Isaac, R. Mark
McCue, Kenneth F.
Plott, Charles R.
427 Equilibrium in Markets with a Riesz Space of Commodities. Aliprantis, Charalambos D.
Brown, D. J.
426 Innovation and Industry Evolution. Reinganum, Jennifer F.
425 Optimal and Nonoptimal Satisficing II: An Experimental Analysis. Grether, David M.
Wilde, Louis L.
424 The Ecological Fallacy Revisited: Aggregate Versus Individual Level-Findings on Economics and Elections, and Sociotropic Voting. Kramer, Gerald H. 12/01/1981
423 The Enforceability of Security Interests in Consumer Goods. Schwartz, Alan 04/01/1982
422 Bureaucratic (?) Failures: Causes and Cures. Fiorina, Morris P. 04/01/1982
420 Critical Elections in Historical Perspective. Lichtman, Allan J. 04/01/1982
419 Decentralization of Truthful Revelation and Other Decision Rules. Green, Edward J. 09/01/1982
418 Continuum and Finite-Player Noncooperative Models of Competition. Green, Edward J. 02/01/1982
417 Log-Linear Analysis of Contingency Tables: An Introduction for Historians with an Application to Thernstrom on the 'Floating Proletariat. Cox, Gary W.
Galenson, David W.
Kousser, J. Morgan
416 Food Supply and Population Growth in Southwest China, 1250-1850. Lee, James
415 Existence, Local Uniqueness, and Optimality of a Marginal Cost Pricing Equilibrium in an Economy with Increasing Returns. Brown, D. J.
Heal, G. M.
414 The Social Consequence of Rural-Urban Migration in Imperial Germany: The 'Floating Proletariat' Thesis Reconsidered. Kamphoefner, Walter D. 12/01/1981
413 Nash Equilibrium Search for the Best Alternative. Reinganum, Jennifer F. 06/30/2011
412 Rousseau's General Will, The Pareto Principle, and the Problem of Consent. Jones, W. T. 12/01/1981
411 A Noncooperative Equilibrium Concept with an Endogenously Determined Dominant Player: The Case of Cournot versus Stackelberg. Sadanand, Venkatraman 12/01/1982
410 Public Roles, Private Roles, and the Question of South African Investments. Jones, W. T. 11/01/1981
409 Incentive Compatibility in Risk Assessment Mechanisms. Page, Talbot 06/01/1982
408 Quasitransitive Social Choice Without the Pareto Principle. Williamson, John M. 12/01/1981
407 Technology Adoption Under Imperfect Information. Reinganum, Jennifer F. 11/01/1981
406 Sharecropping and Investment in Agriculture in Early Modern France. Hoffman, Philip T. 10/01/1981
405 Industrial Organization Theory and Experimental Economics. Plott, Charles R.
404 The Effects of Market Practices in Oligopolistic Markets: An Experimental Examination of the Ethyl Case. Grether, David M.
Plott, Charles R.
403 Imperfect Information and Monopolistic Competition. Schwartz, Alan
Wilde, Louis L.
402 Market Power and Transferable Property Rights. Hahn, Robert W. 05/01/1982
401 Financial Incentive Effects and Individual Decision-making. Grether, David M. 09/01/1981
400 The Centralization of African Tribal Societies. Bates, Robert H. 07/12/2011
399 Some Core Assumptions in Development Economics. Bates, Robert H.
398 Designing a Market for Tradable Emissions Permits Hahn, Robert W.
Noll, Roger G.
397 The Feasibility of Marketable Emissions Permits in the United States. Noll, Roger G. 06/29/2011
396 Non-Cooperative Games, Abstract Economies, and Walrasian Equilibria. Border, Kim C. 07/01/1981
395 Methods for Comparison of Markov Processes by Stochastic Dominance. McKelvey, Richard D.
Packel, Edward W.
394 Limiting Distributions for Continuous State Markov Voting Models. Ferejohn, John A.
McKelvey, Richard D.
Packel, Edward W.
393 Pious Bequests in Wills: A Statistical Analysis. Hoffman, Philip T. 06/01/1981