Working Papers

# Title Authors Created
493 Common Knowledge and Consensus with Aggregate Statistics. McKelvey, Richard D.
Page, Talbot
492 Ethnicity and Electoral Choice: Mexican-American Voting Behavior in the California 30th Congressional District. Cain, Bruce E.
Kiewiet, D. Roderick
491 Assessing the Partisan Effects of Redistricting. Cain, Bruce E. 09/01/1983
490 Bargaining Theory and Portfolio Payoffs in European Coalition Governments 1945-1983. Schofield, Norman
Laver, Michael
489 The Political Economy of Government Programs to Promote New Technology. Cohen, Linda
Noll, Roger G.
488 Classification of Voting Games on Manifolds. Schofield, Norman 07/01/1983
487 A Spatial Model for Legislative Roll Call Analysis. Poole, Keith
Rosenthal, Howard
486 The Political Foundations of Regulatory Policy. Noll, Roger G. 09/01/1983
485 The Geometry of Voting. Schofield, Norman 07/01/1983
484 Social Equilibrium and Cycles on Compact Sets. Schofield, Norman 07/12/2011
483 Coalitions in West European Democracies. Schofield, Norman 07/01/1983
482 Existence of Equilibrium on a Manifold. Schofield, Norman
481 Estimation of a Nested Logit Model for Appliance Holdings. Dubin, Jeffrey A. 07/01/1983
480 Imperfect Information in Markets for Contract Terms: The Examples of Warranties and Security Interests. Schwartz, Alan
Wilde, Louis L.
479 A Two-Stage Model of Research and Development With Endogenous Second Mover Advantages. Reinganum, Jennifer F. 06/01/1983
478 Consumer Behavior and Belated Information: The Case of Uncertain Tastes. Wilde, Louis L. 05/01/1983
477 The Economics of Income Taxation: Compliance in a Principal-Agent Framework. Reinganum, Jennifer F.
Wilde, Louis L.
476 The Polarization of American Politics. Poole, Keith
Rosenthal, Howard
475 The Images of Incumbents in Great Britain and the United States. Cain, Bruce E.
Ferejohn, John A.
Fiorina, Morris P.
474 A Theory of the Choice of Regulatory Form. McCubbins, Mathew D.
Page, Talbot
473 Economics and Risk Assessment. Page, Talbot 04/01/1983
472 Electoral Politics in the Zero-Sum Society. Kramer, Gerald H. 03/01/1983
471 Suffrage (original title "Suffrage and Political Participation"). Kousser, J. Morgan 04/01/1983
470 Simulation of the Demand for Electricity Under Alternative Rate Structures. Dubin, Jeffrey A. 03/01/1983
469 A Heating and Cooling Load Model for Single-Family Detached Dwellings in Energy Survey Data. Dubin, Jeffrey A.
McFadden, Daniel L.
468 Priority Setting for Testing Chemicals. Bogle, Gib
Page, Talbot
467 Asymmetric Arbitrage and Normal Backwardation. Fort, Rodney D.
Quirk, James P.
466 Collusive Behavior in Finite Repeated Games with Bonding. Eswaran, Mukesh
Lewis, Tracy R.
465 Participation and the Provision of Discrete Public Goods: A Strategic Analysi Palfrey, Thomas R.
Rosenthal, Howard
464 The 1982 Minimum Tax Amendments as a First Step in the Transition to a 'Flat-Rate' Tax. Graetz, Michael J. 02/01/1983
463 Rational Expectations and the Aggregation of Diverse Information in Laboratory Security Markets Plott, Charles R.
Sunder, Shyam
462 A Cost-Benefit Approach to Drinking Water and Cancer. Page, Talbot
Harris, Robert
461 The Core of a Coalitional Production Economy Without Ordered Preferences. Border, Kim C. 12/01/1982
460 A core existence theorem for games without ordered preferences (orig. title "On Equilibria of Excess Demand Correspondence"). Border, Kim C. 01/01/1983
459 Consumer Choice and Information: New Experimental Evidence on the Information Overload Hypothesis. Grether, David M.
Wilde, Louis L.
458 Some Conventional Orthodoxies in the Study of Agrarian Change. Bates, Robert H. 07/08/2011
457 A Comparative Analysis of Direct Democracy, Two Candidate Elections, and Three Candidate Elections in an Experimental Environment. Plott, Charles R. 11/01/1982
456 A Note on Patterns of Market Intervention in Agrarian Africa. Bates, Robert H. 01/21/2010
455 Research and Development with a Generalized Hazard Function. Reinganum, Jennifer F. 09/01/1983
454 Consumer Surplus Under Uncertainty: An Application to Dam-Reservoir Projects. Quirk, James P. 02/01/1985
453 The Revivalism of Narrative: A Response to Recent Criticisms of Quantitative History. Kousser, J. Morgan 11/01/1982
452 A Dynamic Model of Targeting in R & D Contracts. Balbien, Joel
Wilde, Louis L.
451 The Regulation of Rural Markets in Africa. Bates, Robert H. 10/01/1982
450 Strategic Comment Under Uncertainty with Private Information. Harris, Robert
Lewis, Tracy R.
449 If At First You Don't Succeed: Budgeting by a Sequence of Referenda. Ladha, Krishna
Romer, Thomas
Rosenthal, Howard
448 The Great Fish War: A Cooperative Solution. Lewis, Tracy R.
Cowen, James
447 Product Quality Signaling in Experimental Markets. Miller, Ross M.
Plott, Charles R.
446 Intertemporal Speculation with a Random Demand in an Experimental Market. Plott, Charles R.
Agha, Gul
445 Product quality and imperfect information (original title "Consumer Markets for Warranties"). Schwartz, Alan
Wilde, Louis L.
444 Probability Feedback in a Recursive System of Logit Models: Estimation. Vuong, Quang H. 09/01/1982