Working Papers

# Title Authors Created
542 Products Liability, Corporate Structure and Bankruptcy: Toxic Substances and the Remote Risk Relationship. Schwartz, Alan 07/01/1984
541 The Political and Institutional Context of Communications Policy. Noll, Roger G. 08/01/1984
540 Sophisticated Committees and Structure-Induced Equilibria in Congress. Krehbiel, Keith
539 Limited Information Estimators and Exogeneity Tests for Simultaneous Probit Models. Rivers, Douglas
Vuong, Quang H.
538 Two-Stage Conditional Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Econometric Models. Vuong, Quang H. 07/01/1984
537 Simultaneous Equations Models for Dummy Endogenous Variables: A Game Theoretic Formulation with an Application to Labor Force Participation. Bjorn, Paul A.
Vuong, Quang H.
536 Speculation and Price Stability Under Uncertainty: A Generalization. Lien, Da-Hsiang Donald 07/01/1984
535 Structural Instability of the Core. McKelvey, Richard D.
Schofield, Norman
534 Linearity of the Optimal Income Tax: A Generalization. Kramer, Gerald H.
Snyder, James M.
533 Speculative Holdings under Linear Expectation Processes---A Mean-Variance Approach. Lien, Da-Hsiang Donald 07/01/1984
532 The Scope of the Hypothesis of Bayesian Equilibrium. Ledyard, John O.
531 The Efficacy of Registration Drives. Cain, Bruce E.
McCue, Kenneth F.
530 Sequential Elections with Limited Information. McKelvey, Richard D.
Ordeshook, Peter C.
529 Elections with Limited Information: A Multidimensional Model. McKelvey, Richard D.
Ordeshook, Peter C.
528 A Retrospective on Retrospective Voting. Kiewiet, D. Roderick
Rivers, Douglas
527 Pay and Performance in Baseball: Modeling Regulars, Reserves and Expansion. Fort, Rodney D.
Noll, Roger G.
526 Taxation of Income From Capital: A Theoretical Reappraisal. Strnad, Jeff 07/22/2011
525 Sequential Equilibrium Detection and Reporting Policies in a Model of Tax Evasion. Reinganum, Jennifer F.
Wilde, Louis L.
524 Sophisticated Voting Outcomes and Agenda Control. Banks, Jeffrey S. 04/01/1984
523 Price-Conveyed Information vs. Observed Insider Behavior: A Note on Rational Expectations Convergence. Banks, Jeffrey S. 07/22/2011
522 Impossible Choices. Jones, W. T. 03/01/1984
521 Profitable Speculation and Linear Excess Demand. Lien, Da-Hsiang Donald 03/01/1984
520 A Model of Tax Compliance Under Budget-Constrained Auditors. Graetz, Michael J.
Reinganum, Jennifer F.
Wilde, Louis L.
519 Voters, Absent and Present: A Review Essay. Kousser, J. Morgan 03/01/1984
518 Product Quality, Informational Efficiency and Regulations in Experimental Markets. Lynch, Michael
Miller, Ross M.
Plott, Charles R.
Porter, Russell
517 On the Existence of Cournot Equilibrium. Novshek, William 03/01/1984
516 Litigation of Settlement Demands Questioned by Bayesian Defendants. Salant, Stephen W. 03/01/1984
515 On the Meaning of the Preponderance Test in Judicial Regulation of Chemical Hazard. Page, Talbot 02/01/1984
514 Classification Theorem for Smooth Social Choice. Schofield, Norman
513 Agrarian Politics and Development. Bates, Robert H. 04/01/1984
512 The Winner's Curse and Cost Estimation Bias in Pioneer Projects. Published as "Sample selection and Quirk, James P.
Terasawa, Katsuaki
511 Uncertainty and Shopping Behavior: An Experimental Analysis Grether, David M.
Schwartz, Alan
Wilde, Louis L.
511 Uncertainty and Shopping Behavior: An Experimental Analysis. Grether, David M.
Schwartz, Alan
Wilde, Louis L.
510 Obstruction, Germaneness and Representativeness in Legislatures. Krehbiel, Keith 01/01/1984
509 Bargaining Theory for Games with Transferable Value. Schofield, Norman 01/01/1984
508 Turbulence, Cost Escalation, and Capital Intensity Bias in Defense Contracting. Terasawa, Katsuaki
Quirk, James P.
Womar, Keith
507 A Groves-Like Mechanism in Risk Assessment. Page, Talbot 12/01/1983
506 An Equilibrium Model of Tax Compliance with a Bayesian Auditor and some 'Honest' Taxpayers. Reinganum, Jennifer F.
Wilde, Louis L.
505 Heterogeneity in Models of Electoral Choice. Rivers, Douglas 12/01/1983
504 Practical Implications of Game Theoretic Models of R and D. Reinganum, Jennifer F. 12/01/1983
503 Misspecification and Conditional Maximum Likelihood Estimation. Vuong, Quang H. 11/01/1983
502 Disequilibrium Econometrics on Micro Data. Bouissou, M. B.
Laffont, Jean-Jacques
Vuong, Quang H.
501 Tests of Non-Causality Under Markov Assumptions for Qualitative Panel Data. Bouissou, M. B.
Laffont, Jean-Jacques
Vuong, Quang H.
500 Full Nash Implementation of Neutral Social Functions. Strnad, Jeff 07/14/2011
499 Perfectly Competitive Markets as the Limits of Cournot Markets. Novshek, William 11/01/1983
498 Fairness, Self-Interest, and the Politics of the Progressive Income Tax. Kramer, Gerald H.
Snyder, James M.
497 General Equilibrium with Free Entry: A Synthetic Approach to the Theory of Perfect Competition. Novshek, William
Sonnenschein, Hugo F.
496 Economic Theory and Sharecropping in Early Modern France. Hoffman, Philip T. 11/01/1983
495 Social History and Taxes: The Case of Early Modern France. Hoffman, Philip T. 11/01/1983
494 Covering, Dominance, and Institution Free Properties of Social Choice. McKelvey, Richard D. 05/01/1985