Working Papers

# Title Authors Created
595 An Experimental Analysis of Public Goods Provision Mechanisms with and without Unanimity. Banks, Jeffrey S.
Plott, Charles R.
Porter, David P.
594 Rules, Subjurisdictional Choice, and Congressional Outcomes: An Event Study of Energy Taxation Legislation. Gilligan, Thomas W.
Krehbiel, Keith
593 Slave Breeding. Sutch, Richard 01/01/1986
590 Responsibility, Liability, and Incentive Compatibility. Page, Talbot 11/01/1985
589 The Tax Compliance Game: Toward an Interactive Theory of Law Enforcement. Graetz, Michael J.
Reinganum, Jennifer F.
Wilde, Louis L.
588 Comparing Models of Electric Utility Behavior. Rothwell, Geoffrey S. 11/01/1985
587 Political Power in the International Coffee Organization: A Research Note. Bates, Robert H.
Lien, Da-Hsiang Donald
586 A Rational for Restrictive Rules. Krehbiel, Keith 11/01/1985
585 Congressional Roll Call Voting Strategies: Application of a New Test to Minimum Wage Legislation. Krehbiel, Keith
Rivers, Douglas
584 Equilibrium Search Models as Simultaneous Move Games. Wilde, Louis L. 10/01/1985
583 Evidence of Block Switching in Demand Subject to Declining Block Rates - A New Approach. Dubin, Jeffrey A. 10/01/1985
582 The Returns to Insulation Upgrades: Results from a Mixed Engineering Econometric Model. Dubin, Jeffrey A.
Henson, Steven E.
581 Toward Total Political History. Kousser, J. Morgan 12/01/1988
580 Must Historians Regress? An Answer to Lee Benson. Kousser, J. Morgan 08/01/1985
579 Game Forms for Nash Implementation of General Social Choice Correspondences. McKelvey, Richard D. 08/01/1985
578 Parameterization and Two-Stage Conditional Maximum Likelihood Estimation. Lien, Da-Hsiang Donald
Vuong, Quang H.
577 Econometric Modeling of a Stackelberg Game with an Application to Labor Force Participation. Bjorn, Paul A.
Vuong, Quang H.
576 A Note on the Independence of Irrelevant Alternatives in Probabilistic Choice Models. Bjorn, Paul A.
Vuong, Quang H.
575 Speculation or Specification? A Note on Flanigan and Zingale. Kousser, J. Morgan 08/01/1985
574 The Economics of Tax Compliance: Fact and Fantasy. Graetz, Michael J.
Wilde, Louis L.
573 A Theory of Auditing and Plunder. Border, Kim C.
Sobel, Joel
572 Reconciliation and the Size of the Budget. Ferejohn, John A.
Krehbiel, Keith
571 An Efficient Market Mechanism with Endogenous Information Acquisition: Cournot Oligopoly Case. Li, Lode 05/01/1985
570 The Economic Value of Resource Flexibility. Li, Lode 05/01/1985
569 Dimensions of Parallelism: Some Policy Applications of Experimental Methods. Plott, Charles R.
568 Unanimous Consent Agreements: Going along in the Senate. Krehbiel, Keith 05/01/1985
567 A Note on Taxation, Development and Representative Government. Bates, Robert H.
Lien, Da-Hsiang Donald
566 Imperfect Information and the Tender Offer Auction. Schwartz, Alan 04/01/1985
565 Equilibrium Selection in Signaling Games. Banks, Jeffrey S.
Sobel, Joel
564 Settlement and Litigation Under Alternative Legal Systems. Reinganum, Jennifer F.
Wilde, Louis L.
563 Optimal Research for Cournot Oligopolists. Li, Lode
McKelvey, Richard D.
Page, Talbot
562 The Competitive Effects of Resale Price Maintenance. Gilligan, Thomas W. 02/01/1985
561 Cournot Oligopoly with Information Sharing. Li, Lode 01/01/1985
560 New Problems in the General Choice Theory. Aizerman, M. A. 02/01/1985
559 Voting Operators in the Space of Choice Functions. Aizerman, M. A.
Aleskerov, Fuad
558 Tournament Methods in Choice Theory. Litvakov, Boris M.
Vol'skiy, Vladimir I.
557 The Charitable Contribution Deduction: A Politico-Economic Analysis. Strnad, Jeff
556 Economic Analysis of Brain Drain. Lien, Da-Hsiang Donald 02/01/1985
555 Existence of Permutation Cycles and Manipulation of Choice Functions. Schofield, Norman 01/01/1985
554 A Note on the International Coffee Agreement. Bates, Robert H.
Lien, Da-Hsiang Donald
553 Hedging as 'Speculation on the Basis. Quirk, James P. 12/01/1984
552 Generalized Symmetry Conditions at a Core Point. McKelvey, Richard D.
Schofield, Norman
551 Sophistication, Myopia, and the Theory of Legislatures: An Experimental Study. Krehbiel, Keith 11/01/1984
550 Stochastic Simulation of Labor Demand Under Wage Subsidization. Dubin, Jeffrey A.
Rivers, Douglas
549 Passing the President's Program: Public Opinion and Presidential Influence in Congress. Rivers, Douglas
Rose, Nancy L.
548 Price Effects of Energy-Efficient Technologies: A Study of Residential Demand for Heating and Cooling. Dubin, Jeffrey A.
Miedema, Allen K.
Ramachandran, V.
547 More on Harsanyi's Utilitarian Cardinal Welfare Theorem. Border, Kim C. 09/01/1984
546 The Taxation of Risky Investments: An Asset Pricing Approach. Strnad, Jeff 11/01/1984
544 Asymmetric Arbitrage and the Pattern of Futures Prices. Lien, Da-Hsiang Donald
Quirk, James P.
543 A Technique for Estimating Legislators' Ideal Points on Concrete Policy Dimensions. Krehbiel, Keith 09/01/1984