Working Papers

# Title Authors Created
798 Legislatures, Initiatives, and Representation: Comparing the Effects of Institutions on Policy Outcomes. Gerber, Elisabeth R. 06/01/1992
797 Lower Bounds on Asset Return Comovement. Bossaerts, Peter 06/01/1992
796 Asset Prices in a Speculative Market. Bossaerts, Peter 06/01/1992
795 Patterns of Voting on Ballot Propositions: A Mixture Model of Voter Types. Dubin, Jeffrey A.
Gerber, Elisabeth R.
794 A Consistent Test of Stationary Ergodicity. Domowitz, Ian
El-Gamal, Mahmoud A.
793 The Political Economy of Government Debt in England (1693-1800): War, Liquidity, and Institutional Innovation. Szakaly, Kristin E. 04/01/1992
792 Permits or Taxes? How to Regulate Cournot Duopoly with Polluting Firms. Requate, Till. 03/01/1992
791 A General Characterization of Optimal Income Taxation and Enforcement. Chander, Parkash
Wilde, Louis L.
790 Implementation of the Voting Rights Act in North Carolina. Keech, William R.
Sistrom, Michael P.
789 Rules, Discretion, and Accountability in Macroeconomic Policymaking. Keech, William R. 03/01/1992
788 New Evidence for an Old Controversy: Scattered Landholdings and Open Fields. Cull, Robert J.
Hoffman, Philip T.
Hughson, Eric
787 An Experimental Analysis of Two-Person Reciprocity Games. Prisbrey, Jeffrey E. 03/01/1992
786 CANCELLED - no paper produced
785 Repeated Play, Cooperation and Coordination: An Experimental Study. Palfrey, Thomas R.
Rosenthal, Howard
784 A Micro-Econometric Analysis of Risk-Aversion and the Decision to Self-Insure. Cicchetti, Charles J.
Dubin, Jeffrey A.
783 A Computerized Laboratory Market System and Research Support Systems for the Multiple Unit Double Auction. [replaces working paper 676] Plott, Charles R. 11/01/1991
782 CANCELLED - no paper produced
781 The Measure Representation: A Correction. Segal, Uzi 10/01/1991
780 Political Competition in a Model of Economic Growth; Some Theoretical Results. Boylan, Richard T.
Ledyard, John O.
McKelvey, Richard D.
779 Constitutional Stability. Ordeshook, Peter C. 10/01/1991
778 Experimental Estimates of the Impact of Wage Subsidies. Dubin, Jeffrey A.
Rivers, Douglas
777 Voting on Growth Control Measures: Preferences and Strategies. Dubin, Jeffrey A.
Kiewiet, D. Roderick
Noussair, Charles N.
776 CANCELLED – no paper produced
775 An Experimental Examination of the Assignment Problem. Olson, Mark
Porter, David P.
774 Nonlinear Behavior in Sealed Bid First Price Auctions. Chen, Kay-Yut
Plott, Charles R.
773 Economies of Scale, Natural Monopoly and Imperfect Competition in an Experimental Market. Plott, Charles R.
Sugiyama, Alexandre B.
Elbaz, Gilad
772 Some Properties of Hare Voting with Strategic Voters. Ordeshook, Peter C.
Zeng, Langche
771 On the Anatomy of the Nonfacilitating Features of the Double Auction Institution in Conspiratorial Markets. Clauser, Laura
Plott, Charles R.
770 Dominant and Nash Strategy Mechanisms for the Assignment Problem. Olson, Mark 07/01/1991
769 Initial Versus Continuing Proposal Power in Legislative Seniority. McKelvey, Richard D.
Riezman, Raymond G.
768 The Use and Misuse of Surveys in Economic Analysis: Natural Resource Damage Assessment Under CERCLA. Cicchetti, Charles J.
Dubin, Jeffrey A.
Wilde, Louis L.
767 Politics, Economics, and Politics Again. Keech, William R. 06/01/1991
766 Notes About Theory of Pseudo-Criteria and Binary Pseudo-Relations and Their Application to the Theory of Choice and Voting. Aizerman, M. A.
Vol'skiy, Vladimir I.
Litvakov, Boris M.
765 Tax Depreciation and Risk. Strnad, Jeff 05/01/1991
764 Noisy Signalling in Financial Markets. Bossaerts, Peter
Hughson, Eric
763 Tax-Induced Intertemporal Restrictions on Security Returns. Bossaerts, Peter
Dammon, Robert M.
762 The Development of Contemporary Political Theory. Ordeshook, Peter C. 05/01/1991
761 Alliances in Anarchic International Systems. Niou, Emerson M. S.
Ordeshook, Peter C.
760 Implementation in Bayesian Equilibrium: The Multiple Equilibrium Problem in Mechanism Design. Palfrey, Thomas R. 12/01/1990
759 The Heterogenous Logit Model. Dubin, Jeffrey A.
Zeng, Langche
758 Will Economics Become an Experimental Science? Plott, Charles R. 12/01/1990
757 A Bayesian Sequential Experimental Study of Learning in Games. El-Gamal, Mahmoud A.
McKelvey, Richard D.
Palfrey, Thomas R.
756 CANCELLED - no paper produced
755 The Divergence Between Willingness-To-Pay and Willingness-To-Accept Measures of Value. Hoffman, Elizabeth
Spitzer, Matthew L.
754 Undominated Nash Implementation in Bounded Mechanism. Jackson, Matthew O.
Palfrey, Thomas R.
Srivastava, Sanjay
753 Welfare Economics for Tobit Models. Dubin, Jeffrey A.
Wilde, Louis L.
752 Land Rents and Agricultural Productivity: The Paris Basin, 1450-1789. Hoffman, Philip T. 04/01/1991
751 Arbitrage Restrictions Across Financial Markets: Theory, Methodology and Tests. Bossaerts, Peter
Hillion, Pierre
750 The French Rural Communist Electorate in the 1920s and 1930s. Boswell, Laird 04/01/1991
749 The Voting Rights Act and the Two Reconstructions. Kousser, J. Morgan 05/01/1991