Working Papers

# Title Authors Created
951 Merging of Forecasts in Markov Models Lee, In Ho 01/01/1996
950 Survey Measures of Uncertainty: A Report to the National Election Studies Board on the Use of Certainty Questions to Measure Uncertainty About Candidate Traits and Issue Positions Alvarez, R. Michael 01/01/1996
949 Issues, Economics and the Dynamics of Multi-Party Elections: The British 1987 General Election Alvarez, R. Michael
Bowler, Shaun
Nagler, Jonathan
948 Fiduciari and Firm Liquidity Constraints: The Italian Experience with German-Style Universal Banking Fohlin, Caroline M. 05/01/1996
947 Quantal Response Equilibria for Extensive Form Games McKelvey, Richard D.
Palfrey, Thomas R.
946 Rules for Experimenting in Psychology and Economics, and Why They Differ Camerer, Colin F. 12/01/1995
945 Coping With Ignorance: Unforeseen Contingencies and Non-Additive Uncertainty Ghirardato, Paolo 05/01/1996
944 Economies With Many Commodities Aliprantis, Charalambos D.
Border, Kim C.
Burkinshaw, Owen
943 Comparing Absentee and Precinct Voters: Voting on Direct Legislation Dubin, Jeffrey A.
Kalsow, Gretchen A.
942 Comparing Absentee and Precinct Voters: A View Over Time Dubin, Jeffrey A.
Kalsow, Gretchen A.
941 Local Telephone Exchanges, Regulation and Entry Plott, Charles R.
Wilkie, Simon
940 On Independence For Non-Additive Measures, With a Fubini Theorem Ghirardato, Paolo 09/01/1995
939 Why Did The Incumbency Advantage In U.S. House Elections Grow? Cox, Gary W.
Katz, Jonathan N.
938 Strategyproof and Nonbossy Assignments Papai, Szilvia 01/01/1996
937 Loss Avoidance and Forward Induction in Experimental Coordination Games Cachon, Gerard P.
Camerer, Colin F.
936 Strategyproof Allocation of a Single Object Papai, Szilvia 01/01/1996
935 Are Americans Ambivalent Towards Racial Policies? Alvarez, R. Michael
Brehm, John
934 The New Republic and the New Institutionalism: Hamilton's Plan and Extra-Legislative Organization Alvarez, R. Michael 07/01/1995
933 Hamilton's Political Economy and the National Bank Alvarez, R. Michael 08/01/1995
932 The Impact of Primaries on General Election Outcomes in the U.S. House and Senate Alvarez, R. Michael
Canon, David T.
Sellers, Patrick
931 The Rise of Interlocking Directorates in Imperial Germany (also titled "Relationship Banking and corporate governance in the Kaiserreich") Fohlin, Caroline M. 07/01/1995
930 Reapportionment Wars: Party, Race, and Redistricting in California, 1971-1992 Kousser, J. Morgan 08/01/1995
929 Estimating the Partisan Consequences of Redistricting Plans-Simply Kousser, J. Morgan 06/01/1995
928 Deficits, Democrats, and Distributive Benefits: Congressional Elections and the Pork Barrel in the 1980s Alvarez, R. Michael
Saving, Jason
927 Two Measures of Difficulty Page, Scott E. 05/01/1995
926 A Comparison of Political Institutions in a Tiebout Model Page, Scott E.
Kollman, Ken
Miller, John H.
925 No paper produced 07/16/2013
924 Constitutions for New Democracies: Reflections of Turmoil or Agents of Stability? Ordeshook, Peter C. 04/01/1995
923 Preferences Over Solution to the Bargaining Problem Border, Kim C.
Segal, Uzi
922 The Dynamics of Issue Emphasis: Campaign Strategy and Media Coverage in Statewide Races Alvarez, R. Michael 04/01/1995
921 The Czechoslovak Privatization Auction: An Empirical Investigation Hillion, Pierre
Young, David S.
920 Outside Options and Social Comparison in 3-Player Ultimatum Game Experiments Knez, Marc
Camerer, Colin F.
919 Are People Bayesian? Uncovering Behavioral Strategies El-Gamal, Mahmoud A.
Grether, David M.
918 x 07/16/2013
917 The Allocation of a Shared Resource Within an Organization Ledyard, John O.
Noussair, Charles N.
Porter, David P.
916 Mutually Destructive Bidding: The FCC Auction Design Problem Bykowsky, Mark M.
Cull, Robert J.
Ledyard, John O.
915 <cite>Shaw vs. Reno</cite> and the World of Redistricting and Representation Kousser, J. Morgan
914 Correlated Disturbances in Discrete Choice Models: A Comparison of Multinomial Probit Models and Logit Models Alvarez, R. Michael
Nagler, Jonathan
913 Relationship Banking, Liquidity, and Investment in the German Industrialization Fohlin, Caroline M. 07/01/1996
912 Implementation Theory Palfrey, Thomas R. 09/01/1995
911 Intertemporal Speculation Under Uncertain Future Demand: Experimental Results Plott, Charles R.
Turocy III, Theodore L.
910 No paper produced 07/16/2013
909 Exchange Economies and Loss Exposure: Experiments Exploring Prospect Theory and Competitive Equilibria in Market Environments Myagkov, Mikhail
Plott, Charles R.
908 The Principles of Exchange Rate Determination in an International Finance Experiment Noussair, Charles N.
Plott, Charles R.
Riezman, Raymond G.
907 No paper produced 07/17/2013
906 Costly Offers and the Equilibration Properties of the Multiple Unit Double Auction Under Conditions of Unpredictable Shifts of Demand and Supply Jamison, Julian C.
Plott, Charles R.
905 Two-Stage Estimation of Non-Recursive Choice Models Alvarez, R. Michael 10/01/1994
904 The Formation of Multiple Teams Sherstyuk, Katerina 10/01/1994
903 Landscape Formation in a Spatial Voting Model Page, Scott E.
Kollman, Ken
Miller, John H.
902 Voter Choice in 1992: Economics, Issues, and Anger Alvarez, R. Michael
Nagler, Jonathan