Working Papers Benjamin J. Gillen

# Title Authors Created
1447 The Design, Experimental Laboratory Testing and Implementation of a Large, Multi-Market, Policy Constrained, State Gaming Machines Auction Plott, Charles R.
Cason, Timothy N.
Gillen, Benjamin J.
Lee, Hsing Yang
Maron, Travis
1421 Subset Optimization for Asset Allocation Gillen, Benjamin J. 06/02/2016
1412 Two Information Aggregation Mechanisms for Predicting the Opening Weekend Box Office Revenues of Films: Box Office Prophecy and Guess of Guesses Court, David
Gillen, Benjamin J.
McKenzie, Jordi
Plott, Charles R.
1367 A Parimutuel-like Mechanism from Information Aggregation: A Field Test Inside Intel Gillen, Benjamin J.
Plott, Charles R.
Shum, Matthew
1239 Divergence and Convergence in Scarf Cycle Environments: Experiments and Predictability in the Dynamics of General Equilibrium Systems Gillen, Benjamin J.
Hirota, Masayoshi
Hsu, Ming
Plott, Charles R.
Rogers, Brian W.