Working Papers Marina Agranov

# Title Authors Created
1423 The Effects of Income Mobility and Tax Persistence on Income Redistribution and Inequality Agranov, Marina
Palfrey, Thomas R.
1399 Static and Dynamic Underinvestment: An Experimental Investigation Agranov, Marina
Frechette, Guillaume
Palfrey, Thomas R.
Vespa, Emanuel
1385 Equilibrium Tax Rates and Income Redistribution: A Laboratory Study Agranov, Marina
Palfrey, Thomas R.
1378 Communication in Multilateral Bargaining Agranov, Marina
Tergiman, Chloe
1369 Flip-flopping, intense primaries and the selection of candidates Agranov, Marina 08/27/2012
1368 What makes voters turn out: The effects of polls and beliefs Agranov, Marina
Goeree, Jacob K.
Romero, Julian
Yariv, Leeat
1334 The Process of Choice in Guessing Games Agranov, Marina
Caplin, Andrew
Tergiman, Chloe