Working Papers Timothy N. Cason

# Title Authors Created
1447 The Design, Experimental Laboratory Testing and Implementation of a Large, Multi-Market, Policy Constrained, State Gaming Machines Auction Plott, Charles R.
Cason, Timothy N.
Gillen, Benjamin J.
Lee, Hsing Yang
Maron, Travis
1364 Misconceptions and game form recognition: Challenges to theories of revealed preference and framing (Revised) Cason, Timothy N.
Plott, Charles R.
1202 Forced information disclosure and the fallacy of transparency in markets Cason, Timothy N.
Plott, Charles R.
1165 Secure Implementation Experiments: Do Strategy-Proof Mechanisms Really Work? Cason, Timothy N.
Saijo, Tatsuyoshi
Sjostrom, Tomas
Yamato, Takehiko
1154 Non-Excludable Public Good Experiments Saijo, Tatsuyoshi
Yamato, Takehiko
Yokotani, Konomu
Cason, Timothy N.
863 EPA's New Emissions Trading Mechanism: A Laboratory Evaluation Cason, Timothy N.
Plott, Charles R.