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Research Operations Manager
Timothy Armstrong
Division Option Manager, HSS Undergraduate Options and Social Sciences Graduate Programs
ESL Graduate Writing Instructor
Erin Burkett
Content Writer
Emma Burris-Jansen headshot
Humanities & Social Sciences Librarian
Lindsay Cleary
Administrative Assistant
Sheryl Cobb headshot
Computer Program and Software Dev
Christopher E. Crabbe
Staff and Facilities Manager
Executive Project Assistant & Senior Publicity and Editorial Assistant
Emily de Araujo headshot
Administrative Assistant
Assistant Editor & Office Manager for EPP
Sini Elvington headshot
Administrative Assistant
Barbara Estrada headshot
Associate Editor
Research Engineer
Technical Mgr, Lab for Experimental Economics
Hsing-Yang Lee
Manager of MRI Education and Technologies, CBIC
Ralph E. Lee
Research Technician Assistant
Special Assistant to the Humanities
Cecilia Lu headshot
Apps Dev Asst, Lab for Experimental Economics
Travis Maron
Grants and Data Analyst
Steve Marr headshot
Administrative Assistant
Staff Scientist
Remya Nair
Academic Affairs Manager
Gail Nash
Senior Research Scientist


Lynn K. Paul
Communications and Events Coordinator
Hanna Ramsey headshot
Senior Editor and Assistant Director, Einstein Papers Project
Ze'ev Rosenkranz
AV & Logistics Coordinator
Kapauhi Stibbard headshot
Research Assistant
Xin Sui headshot
Administrative Assistant
Fran Tise
Associate Director, Caltech Brain Imaging Center
Mike Tyszka headshot
Writing Specialist