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New Metamaterial Morphs Into New Shapes, Taking on New Properties

Robert Perkins
Electrochemical reactions drive shape change in new nanoarchitected metamaterial
Programmed Lithiation

Caltech Faculty Honored with Breakthrough and New Horizons Prizes

Robert Perkins and Whitney Clavin
Caltech's Katherine L. (Katie) Bouman, Xie Chen, and Xinwen Zhu recognized for contributions in physics and mathematics.
Breakthrough Prize

Thinking Outside the Toolbox

Entrepreneur and Caltech engineering alumnus Gary Clinard (BS ’65, MS ’66) has created an innovation fund to advance interdisciplinary research in engineering and applied science at Caltech.
Gary Clinard

Self-folding “Rollbot” paves the way for fully untethered soft robots

Soft robot changes shape and rolls in response to heat

A Promising Step in Returning Bipedal Mobility

Robert Perkins
Aaron Ames and Joel Burdick are using robots and AI to help people walk again.

Finding the Magic in the Magic Angle

Robert Perkins
New direct study of magic-angle twisted graphene sheets could help scientists unlock their secrets.
Magic Angle

Solar Flares, Bubble Rings, and Ink Chandeliers

Robert Perkins
New computer simulations from Peter Schröder and his team shed light on complex natural phenomena.
Bubble rings

Microrobots Activated by Laser Pulses Show Promise For Treating Tumors

Emily Velasco
Wei Gao and Lihong Wang demonstrate a robotic platform for delivering drugs in the human body
An artist's illustration of microrobots (appearing as small spheres) drifting through the inside of intestines.

Seeing Farther and Deeper: An Interview with Katie Bouman

Robert Perkins
New faculty member Katie Bouman uses sparse data to create images that were not possible before, and mines information from images.

Harry Atwater Receives IEEE Cherry Award

Robert Perkins
Caltech's Harry Atwater will receive the 2019 IEEE William Cherry Award.
Harry Atwater