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Why We Do What We Do: A Conversation with Omer Tamuz

Lorinda Dajose
Omer Tamuz discusses economics, rational choices, and life as a new faculty member.

The Global History of Space Exploration

Jessica Stoller-Conrad
Historian of science Asif Siddiqi sheds light on forgotten global contributions to the space race.

Gift to Spark Powerful New Projects

Caltech leaders announced today two new funds that will provide flexible resources to support top priorities and launch bold academic endeavors.

Is Risk-Taking Behavior Contagious?

Jessica Stoller-Conrad
Risk-taking behavior and the neural processing of risk in our brain are both changed when we observe the risk-taking behaviors of others, a new Caltech study shows.

Knowing the Vote

Forecasting elections is becoming more sophisticated, thanks in part to methods developed by Caltech alumna Erin Hartman.

Cvitanic Named Director of the Linde Institute

Kimm Fesenmaier
Cvitanic's goal in the role is to help the Institute continue to create an environment for interdisciplinary and creative research and education in business and economics.

Experimental Economics: Results You Can Trust

Jessica Stoller-Conrad
A study led by Caltech's Colin Camerer reproduced experimental economics studies and found that published results in this field are actually quite reliable.

Caltech Names Six Distinguished Alumni

Ben Tomlin
Caltech has announced that Eric Betzig (BS '83), Janet C. Campagna (MS '85), Neil Gehrels (PhD '82), Carl V. Larson (BS '52), Thomas J. "Tim" Litle IV (BS '62), and Ellen D. Williams (PhD '82) are this year's recipients of the Distinguished Alumni Award.
Distinguished Alumni Awards

Visiting Writer Brings Muslim History to Life

Lorinda Dajose
On February 4, Caltech welcomed Dr. Laila Lalami as part of the writer-in-residence program.

Awards Honor the Einstein Papers Project for The Digital Einstein Papers

The Association of American Publishers conferred the 2016 Award for Excellence in Physical Sciences & Mathematics and the 2016 Award for Best in Physical Sciences & Mathematics/Eproduct to Princeton University Press for the digital edition of The Collected Papers of Albert Einstein.