2016 Distinguished Alumna: Janet C. Campagna (MS ’85)

The 2016 Distinguished Alumni Awards were presented on Saturday, May 21, during the 79th annual Seminar Day. Each week, the Caltech Alumni Association will share a story about a recipient.

When Janet Campagna arrived at Caltech in 1983, she had already taken the unexpected path. First, she had come to study social science in a department that was still a young, small island within a campus devoted to science. She was also the only woman in her class. 

Thirty years later, Campagna is still charting new territory. As the founder and CEO of QS Investors, she is among a very small group of women who lead investment firms. 

She is also the first social scientist from Caltech's Division of the Humanities and Social Sciences to receive the Distinguished Alumni Award, which was presented for her contributions to quantitative investment and for her leadership in the financial industry.

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