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Professorial Chairs

Endowed professorial chairs recognize and sustain outstanding achievement. Endowed chairs are held by world-leading scholars—individuals who leave new fields in their wakes, who drive progress in their areas of research, and who share a commitment to educating the next generation.

A named professorial chair represents the highest recognition Caltech bestows on its faculty. Such endowments provide HSS with a powerful, necessary tool for retaining our best people and for attracting rising stars. Creating a named professorial chair forever links the donor to the eminent Caltech scholars who hold the chair—those who embody the ideals of the Institute and its commitment to educating the next generation, promoting interdisciplinary collaboration and undertaking groundbreaking research.

Visiting Professorships

To give our faculty and students opportunities to work closely with leading colleagues around the world, HSS awards visiting professorships to distinguished researchers and educators from other institutions and the private sector. The creation of an endowed full-year visiting professorship will enrich HSS course offerings and accelerate the exchange of ideas to and from Caltech.