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Leadership Chair

To engage in the kind of research and deliver the rigorous hands-on education that together make HSS special and lead to its outsized positive impact—our leaders need the freedom to pursue new ideas quickly, to be creative and think outside the box, and to carry ideas through to completion. The ability to strategically and quickly apply private funds is one key to that freedom.

An HSS leadership chair endowment fund will provide venture capital for time-sensitive forefront projects by research groups throughout the division. The HSS division chair can strengthen recruitment packages for outstanding new faculty and give them the kind of start—through equipment, supplies, student and postdoctoral support, and laboratory renovations—that will allow them to reach their full potential. They can fund innovations in the undergraduate curriculum or augment their teaching staff in key areas by bringing visiting lecturers to campus. They can foster collaboration with peer institutions through research workshops and special seminars. They can make necessary investments in the division's core equipment, facilities, and people—both research and administrative staff. Most importantly, the HSS division chair gains financial flexibility to respond to unforeseen challenges and special opportunities.

Partnering with the Institute to name an endowed HSS leadership chair is among the most lasting and powerful ways a donor can support Caltech's most pressing priorities now and in the future. Moreover, this legacy of support will ensure that Caltech continues to have a foundation that sustains and enhances excellence.