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Request for Use of Divisional Monies for Graduate Travel

updated 8/25/14

Graduate students, upon satisfactorily completing all second year requirements and who remain in good standing, will be awarded a one time $2500 travel award grant to use towards attending professional meetings or on research travel. Students must submit travel requests to their advisor and Option Representative for approval at least one month before travel.  Failure to do so may jeopardize reimbursement for the travel request.

To request use of travel funds:

  1. Please complete the form in its entirety for each travel request. 
  2. Submit it electronically to the Option Administrator. 
  3. Option Administrator will seek approval from the advisor and Option Representative to ensure academic merit. 
  4. Once approval is secured, traveler will be notified so that purchase of conference registration, hotel accommodations, transportation (airfare, shuttle, train, cabs…) can be arranged.  Please keep in mind that the Option Administrator can assist students in making travel arrangements including putting charges on a divisional credit card. 
  5. Provide ORIGINAL receipts to the Option Administrator within ONE week of trip completion so that the Option Administrator can complete the travel expense report in a timely manner (especially important for those traveling August through mid-September of each year which is near the end of the fiscal year and timeliness is important to secure accuracy and closure of a variety of accounts/reports due by 9/30.) 
  6. Receipt of reimbursement should be within four weeks of completion/submission of travel expense report.  If not received, please contact the Option Administrator.


  • There is no reimbursement for meals, valet, laundry, checked luggage, telephone charges, bar, etc…. 
  • Any reimbursement due to traveler will be processed after the trip has been completed, not before. 
  • When selecting a carrier, preferably fly an American carrier if at all possible.
  • When submitting receipts, please be sure receipts contain the traveler's name, appropriate departure/arrival dates, as well as proof of purchase (showing the name on the credit card used and/or last 4 digits of the credit card number).  This is especially important if the traveler purchases airfare etc… on a personal credit card.
  • When sharing rooms/shuttle expenses with other HSS grads attending the conference, please provide separate receipts.  Or have one person cover all applicable charges and notify the Option Administrator that a room/shuttle was shared so that shared charges may be distributed amongst each traveler's $2500 travel award.
  • It is the traveler's responsibility to be sure that that current contact information is accurately reflected in Access.Caltech for that is the information the RapidRecon system uses for correctly directing the reimbursement.
  • The awarded travel funds are for just that – travel to professional meetings or research travel.  If one requests said funds for other than that (i.e., data sets…) then it requires approval by the advisor and Option Representative as well as the Division Administrator.  Note – if not approved, student bears the cost so be sure approval has been given before purchasing said item(s).

This form should be submitted at least one month prior to travel.
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