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Business, Economics, and Management

Option Representative: Jaksa Cvitanic

The goal of the business, economics, and management (BEM) option is to provide students with the analytical tools to operate successfully in a modern business environment and to prepare students interested in pursuing graduate studies in related fields. The emphasis is on entrepreneurship, finance,
and strategy, in free-market, competitive, and strategic situations. Today's business environment is complex, and therefore required courses in this option are highly analytical. Students often pair the BEM option as a double major with a science or engineering option. The BEM option also serves as a standalone major for students interested in careers in the financial industry, consulting, or entrepreneurial ventures.

Expected learning outcomes from completing the BEM option include:

  • a strong background in economic theory and econometrics;
  • an understanding of the theoretical and practical aspects of finance, risk management, business strategy, and developing new ventures;
  • an ability to analyze business problems using qualitative and quantitative methods;
  • an ability to analyze financial and business data;
  • an ability to write and communicate effectively; and
  • an understanding of the broader impacts of business and management on society in general.

NOTE: The official source on requirements for graduation is the Caltech catalog from the year in which a student began studies at Caltech. Please see the catalog online, from this and previous years, for information regarding the applicable option requirements.