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Social Sciences Open House

The Division of the Humanities and Social Sciences hosted the annual open house for Caltech undergraduates on Friday, February 21, 2020, featuring Bing Professor of Neuroscience, Behavioral Biology, and Economics Antonio Rangel. The open house offered students an overview of the three social science options (majors) available at Caltech: business, economics, and management (BEM); economics; political science, as well as the learning opportunities in psychology/neuroscienceProfessor Rangel explained the recommended course sequences and timing for "concentrators" and majors. He also talked about where undergraduate research opportunities may exist in the social sciences. Option representatives were available to answer questions.

Here are the materials distributed at the 2020 social sciences open house:

Explore the links below to learn more about the social sciences at Caltech:

For questions about the open house, please email Sabrina Hameister.