Working Papers by Social Sciences Faculty

Below are links to the working papers by current and former Caltech social sciences faculty and their collaborators. Papers can be sorted by number, title, author name, or date by clicking on the corresponding column heading. Certain working papers with numbers below 1000 are not available online. Paper copies may be requested from, and any other questions about working papers can be directed to, the HSS working paper coordinator ( Please include the working paper number, author, and title, and your full mailing address in your request for a paper copy, which will be sent to you at no charge.

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1038 Limited Viral Suppression with Salvage Therapy After Combination Antiretroviral Therapy Failure in HIV-1 Infected Patients 05/01/1998
1037 Prospect Theory in the Wild: Evidence From the Field 05/01/1998
1036 Coalition and Party Formation in a Legislative Voting Game 05/01/1998
1035 Status Quo Bias in Bargaining: An extension of the Myerson Satterthwaite Theorem with an application to the Coase Theorem 05/01/1998
1034 An Experimental Study of Jury Decisions 03/01/2000
1033 The Revolution Against Affirmative Action in California: Politics, Economics, and Proposition 209 04/01/1998
1032 Price Discovery in Financial Markets: The Case of the CAPM 03/01/1998
1031 Tax Return Preparers and Tax Evasion 04/01/1998
1030 Financing Decisions and Corporate Capital Structure in the Later Stages of the German Industrialization. 05/01/1998
1029 Bounded Rationality in Individual Decision Making 03/01/1998
1028 Historical and Theoretical Debates Over Financial Systems and Industrialization 05/01/1998
1027 Repeated Implementation 04/01/1997
1026 Ambiguity Made Precise: A Comparative Foundation and Some Implications 11/01/1997
1025 An Experimental Analysis of the Structure of Legal Fees: American Rule vs. English Rule 11/01/1997
1024 A Social Choice Function Implementable Via Backward Induction with Values in the Ultimate Uncovered Set
1023 A New Approach for Modeling Strategic Voting in Multiparty Elections 10/01/1997
1022 Do Voters Learn from Presidential Election Campaigns? 10/01/1997
1021 Economics, Entitlements and Social Issues: Voter Choice in the 1996 Presidential Election 10/01/1997
1020 The Resurgence of Nativism in California? The Case of Proposition 187 and Illegal Immigration 04/01/1998
1019 Analysis of Crossover and Strategic Voting 09/01/1997
1018 An Experimental Study of the Effect of Private Information in the Coase Theorem 09/01/1997
1017 Beyond Ordinary Logit: Taking Time Seriously in Binary Time-Series-Cross-Section Models 08/01/1997
1016 Bank Structure and Growth: Insights from British and German Balance Sheets Before World War I 08/01/1997
1015 The Dynamics of Equity Prices in Fallible Markets 08/01/1997
1014 IPO Post-Issue Markets: Questionable Predilections But Diligent Learners? 08/01/1997
1013 Party Fragmentation and Presidential Elections in Post-Communist Democracies 07/01/1997
1012 In Defense of Unanimous Jury Verdicts: Communication, Mistrials, and Sincerity 08/01/1997
1011 The Reapportionment Revolution and Bias in U.S. Congressional Elections 07/01/1997
1010 Collusion in Multiple Object Simultaneous Auctions: Theory and Experiments 03/01/1998
1009 An Epistemic Characterization of Extensive Form Rationalizability 06/01/1997
1008 The Universal Banks and the Mobilization of Capital in Imperial Germany 06/01/1997
1007 Bank Securities Holdings and Industrial Finance Before World War I: Britain and Germany Compared 05/01/1997
1006 Equilibrium Effects in Campaign Spending Games: Theory and Data 05/01/1997
1005 A Statistical Model for Multiparty Electoral Data 05/01/1997
1004 Progress and Behavioral Game Theory
1003 Experience-Weighted Attraction Learning in Games: A Unifying Approach 03/01/1997
1002 On the Emergence of Cities 02/01/1997
1001 On Incentives and Updating in Agent Based Models 02/01/1997
1000 Choquet Rationalizability 02/01/1997
999 Revolutionary Finance? Capital Mobilization and Utilization in Pre-War Germany and Italy 02/01/1997
998 An Aggregate Nested Logit Model of Political Participation 01/01/1997
997 Participation in Direct Legislation: Evidence from the Voting Booth 01/01/1997
996 Linkage Politics 07/01/1996
995 Electoral Incentives, Informational Asymmetries, and the Policy Bias Toward Special Interests 07/01/1996
994 Federalism and Central Bank Autonomy: The Politics of German Monetary Policy, 1957-1992 07/01/1996
993 Delegation and the Regulation of Risk 07/01/1996
992 The Illusion of Leadership 12/01/1996
991 The Effects of Payoff Magnitude and Heterogeneity on Behavior in 2X2 Games with Unique Mixed Strategy Equilibria
990 Political Confederation 07/01/1997
989 Expectations and Learning in Iowa 04/01/1997