Working Papers by Social Sciences Faculty

Below are links to the working papers by current and former Caltech social sciences faculty and their collaborators. Papers can be sorted by number, title, author name, or date by clicking on the corresponding column heading. Certain working papers with numbers below 1000 are not available online. Paper copies may be requested from, and any other questions about working papers can be directed to, the HSS working paper coordinator ( Please include the working paper number, author, and title, and your full mailing address in your request for a paper copy, which will be sent to you at no charge.

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1086 Global Instability in Experimental General Equilibrium: The Scarf Example 03/01/2000
1085 Risk, Ambigity and the Separation of Utility and Beliefs 03/01/2000
1084 The Pricing of Securities Risk in a Universal Banking System: Historical Evidence from Germany 07/01/2000
1083 Electoral Competition with Entry 12/01/1999
1082 A Smart Market Solution to a Class of Back-Haul Transportation Problems: Concept and Experimental Testbeds 02/01/2000
1081 Range Convexity and Ambiguity Averse Preferences 01/01/2000
1080 Increasing Cooperation in Prisoner's Dilemmas by Establishing a Precedent of Efficiency in Coordination 01/01/2000
1079 On the Behavioral Foundations of the Law of Supply and Demand: Human Rationality vs. Randomness 12/01/1999
1078 Banking Industry Structure, Competition, and Performance: Does Universality Matter? 02/01/2000
1077 Voluntary Implementation 11/01/1999
1076 A Crash Course in Implementation Theory 07/01/1999
1075 Existence of Equilibrium in Auctions and Discontinuous Bayesian Games: Endogenous and Incentive Compatibility Sharing Rules 11/01/1999
1074 Cooperative solutions in the presence of inte-regional emissions 11/01/1999
1073 Quantal Response Equilibrium and Overbidding in Private-value Auctions 02/01/2000
1072 Keeping an eye on your neighbors: Agents monitoring and sanctioning one another in a common-pool resource environment 10/01/2000
1071 Should I stay or should I go? Sincere and strategic crossover voting in California Assembly Races 10/01/1999
1070 Basic Principles of Asset Pricing Theory: Evidence From Large-Scale Experimental Financial Markets 01/01/2000
1069 Equilibrium Equivalence with J Candidates and N Voters 09/01/1999
1068 I Know What You Did Last Quarter: Economic Forecasts of Professional Forecasters 08/01/1999
1067 Market Stability: Backward Bending Supply in a Laboratory Experimental Market 08/01/1999
1066 Statistical Analysis of the Additive and Multiplicative Hypotheses of Multiple Exposure Synergy For Cohort and Case-Control Studies 07/01/1999
1065 Company Law, Stock Market Regulation, and the Development of the German Financial System, 1880 - 1913. 07/01/1999
1064 Is the Sleeping Giant Awakening? Latinos and California Politics in the 1990s 05/01/1999
1063 Collision in Private Value Ascending Price Auctions 03/01/1999
1062 Why Did Proposition 227 Pass? 04/01/1999
1061 Markets for Contracts: Experiments Exploring the Compatability of Games and Markets for Games 09/01/1998
1060 Information Aggregation in Experimental Asset Markets: Traps and Misaligned Beliefs 04/01/1999
1059 The Effects of Financial Incentives in Experiments: A Review and Capital-Labor-Production Framework 04/01/1999
1058 Experience-Weighted Attraction Learning in Sender-Receiver Signaling Games 03/01/1999
1057 Spatial Competition with Three Firms: An Experimental Study 02/01/1999
1056 A Theory of Voting in Large Elections 02/01/1999
1055 The Impossibility of Compromise: Convexity and Uniqueness in Decision Making Under Risk and Uncertainty 02/01/1999
1054 A New and Improved Design For Multi-Object Iterative Auctions 11/01/1998
1053 A Bargaining Model of Collective Choice 02/01/1999
1052 Measuring The Relative Impact of Issues and The Econonmy in Democratic Elections 01/01/1999
1051 Information Cascades: Replication and an Extension to Majority Rule and Conformity Rewarding Institutions 12/01/1998
1050 Clinical Failure of Combination Antiretroviral Therapy in HIV-1 Infected Patients 12/01/1998
1049 Nonparametric Density Estimation of Repeated Measures Data: An Application to CD4 Counts and Immune Reconstitution 12/01/1998
1048 Plurality and Probability of Victory: Some Equivalence Results 01/01/1999
1047 Platonic Mechanism Design 11/01/1998
1046 Gender and Tax 10/01/1998
1045 The Design of Multi-Object Multi-Round Auction 11/01/1998
1044 The Evolution of Social and Economic Networks 09/01/1998
1043 The Econometrics and Behavioral Economics of Escalation of Commitment: A Re-examination of Staw and Hoang's NBA Data 08/01/1998
1042 Uncertainty and Candidate Personality Traits 07/01/1998
1041 Citizenship and Political Representation in Contemporary California 07/01/1998
1040 Detecting Failures of Backward Induction: Monitoring Information Search in Sequential Bargaining 06/01/1998
1039 Elections and the Media: The Supply Side 08/01/1998
1038 Limited Viral Suppression with Salvage Therapy After Combination Antiretroviral Therapy Failure in HIV-1 Infected Patients 05/01/1998
1037 Prospect Theory in the Wild: Evidence From the Field 05/01/1998