Working Papers by Social Sciences Faculty

Below are links to the working papers by current and former Caltech social sciences faculty and their collaborators. Papers can be sorted by number, title, author name, or date by clicking on the corresponding column heading. Certain working papers with numbers below 1000 are not available online. Paper copies may be requested from, and any other questions about working papers can be directed to, the HSS working paper coordinator ( Please include the working paper number, author, and title, and your full mailing address in your request for a paper copy, which will be sent to you at no charge.

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1136 Information Aggregation in Double Auctions: Rational Expectations and the Winner's Curse 06/01/2002
1135 Using Information from Trading In Trading and Portfolio Management: Ten Years Later 05/01/2002
1134 Empirically Evaluating the Electoral College 05/01/2002
1133 Standard Voting Power Indexes Don't Work: An Empirical Analysis 10/01/2002
1132 The Willingness to Pay/Willingness to Accept Gap, The "Endowment Effect" and Experimental Procedures for Eliciting Valuations 04/01/2002
1131 Information Aggregation Mechanisms: Concept, Design and Implementation for a Sales Forecasting Problem 03/01/2002
1130 Ambiguity from the Differential Viewpoint 04/01/2002
1129 On the Probability of the Competitive Equilibrium Being Globally Stable: The C.E.S. Example 03/01/2002
1128 Roemer on Equality of Opportunity 12/01/2001
1127 A Subjective Spin on Roulette Wheels 07/01/2001
1126 How to Cut a Cake Healthily 06/01/2001
1125 The Positive Foundation of the Common Prior Assumption 07/01/2001
1124 Incomplete Information 06/01/2001
1123 A Note on Impossibility Theorems and Seniority Rules 05/01/2001
1122 Economic Value of EWA Lite: A Functional Theory of Learning in Games 05/01/2001
1121 How Much does a Vote Count? Voting Power, Coalitions, and the Electoral College 05/01/2001
1120 A Bayesian Unobservable/Observable Source Separation Model and Activation Determination in FMRI. 05/01/2001
1119 Bayesian Source Separation with Jointly Distributed Mean and Mixing Coefficients via MCMC and ICM 05/01/2001
1118 A Model for Bayesian Source Separation with the Overall Mean 04/01/2001
1117 Fair Kidney Allocation Based on Waiting Time 03/01/2001
1116 Policy Reversals in Risk Management: The Effect of Refined Analyses 03/01/2001
1115 The Foundations of Latino Voter Partisanship: Evidence from the 2000 Election 03/01/2001
1114 Technical Report The Instability of Ex Post and Robust Aggregation Without State-Consequence Separation 03/01/2001
1113 The Instability of Robust Aggregation 03/01/2001
1112 Stable Aggregation of Preferences 03/01/2001
1111 An Improved Statistical Model for Multiparty Electoral Data 02/01/2001
1110 A Bayesian Model to Incorportate Jointly Distributed Generalized Prior Information on Means and Loadings in Factor Analysis 02/01/2001
1109 An Evolutionary Perspective on Goal Seeking and Escalation of Commitment 01/01/2001
1108 A Model for Bayesian Factor Analysis with Jointly Distributed Means and Loadings 01/01/2001
1107 The FCC Rules For The 700MHZ Auction: A Potential Disaster 11/01/2000
1106 Indecision Theory: Explaining Selective Abstention in Multiple Elections 11/01/2000
1105 Emergence of Endogenous Legal Institutions: The Rural Charters in Northern Italy 11/01/2000
1104 On the Evolutionary Emergency of Optimism 10/01/2000
1103 Aggregation and Dynamics of Survey Responses: The Case of Presidential Approval 09/01/2000
1102 Mixed Equilibrium in a Downsian Model With a Favored Candidate 09/01/2000
1101 Is There a Gender Gap in Fiscal Political Preferences? 09/01/2000
1100 Strategic Learning and Teaching. 08/01/2000
1099 A Bayesian Factor Analysis Model with Generalized Prior Information. 08/01/2000
1098 EWA Learning in Bilateral Call Markets. 08/01/2000
1097 Incorporating Prior Knowledge Regarding the Mean in Bayesian Factor Analysis 07/01/2000
1096 On Estimating the Mean in Bayesian Factor Analysis 07/01/2000
1095 Inducing Liquidity In Thin Financial Markets Through Combined-Value Trading Mechanisms. 08/01/2000
1094 Experimental Testbedding of a Pollution Trading System: Southern California's Reclaim Emmissions Market. 03/01/2000
1093 The First Use of a Combined Value Auction for Transportation Services. 03/01/2000
1092 The Approximation of Efficient Public Good Mechanisms by Simple Voting Schemes. 10/01/2000
1091 Post-Stratification without Population Level Information on the Post-Stratifying Variable, with Application to Political Polling. 05/01/2000
1090 Throwing out the Baby with the Bath Water: A Comment on Green, Yoon and Kim 05/01/2000
1089 Economic, Political, and Legal Factors in Financial System Development: International Patterns in Historical Perspective 05/01/2000
1088 IPO Underpricing in Two Universes: Berlin, 1882-1892, and New York, 1998-2000 05/01/2000
1087 Sophisticated EWA Learning and Strategic Teaching in Repeated Games. 04/01/2000