Working Papers by Social Sciences Faculty

Below are links to the working papers by current and former Caltech social sciences faculty and their collaborators. Papers can be sorted by number, title, author name, or date by clicking on the corresponding column heading. Certain working papers with numbers below 1000 are not available online. Paper copies may be requested from, and any other questions about working papers can be directed to, the HSS working paper coordinator ( Please include the working paper number, author, and title, and your full mailing address in your request for a paper copy, which will be sent to you at no charge.

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1288 Policy-based abstention in Brazil's 2002 presidential election 12/01/2007
1287 A Bayesian multinomial probit analysis of voter choice in Chile's 2005 presidential election 12/01/2007
1286 Choice and individual welfare 03/01/2008
1285 On the nature of competition in alternative lectoral systems (Formally "Ideology and competence in alternative electoral systems 08/01/2009
1284 The impact of minority representation on policy outcomes: Evidence from the U.S. States 03/01/2008
1283 The impact of race and ideology on voting: Does race still matter? 03/01/2008
1282 Volunteering and image concerns 03/01/2008
1281 You won’t harm me if you fool me 12/01/2007
1280 Information aggregation in standing and ad hoc committees (formerly: Information aggregation and equilibrium selection in committees)
1279 No Trade 09/01/2007
1278 A test for monotone comparative statics 09/01/2007
1277 The "Reasonable Man" and other legal standards 09/01/2007
1276 Principles of continuous price determination in an experimental environment with flows of random arrivals and departures 09/01/2007
1275 Strategic voting in sequential committees 08/01/2007
1274 The control of game form recognition in experiments: Understanding dominant strategy failures in a simple two person "Guessing" game 08/01/2007
1273 The dynamics of distributive politics 07/01/2007
1272 A measure of bizarreness 07/01/2007
1271 On eliciting beliefs in strategic games
1270 On behavioral complementarity and its implications 07/01/2007
1269 Sequential entry in many-to-one matching markets 06/01/2007
1268 Design improved parimutuel-type information aggregation mechanisms: Inaccuracies & the long-shot bias as disequilibrium phenomena 03/01/2007
1267 The effect of voter identification laws on turnout 10/01/2007
1266 Auctioning off the agenda: Bargaining in legislatures with endogenous scheduling 03/01/2007
1265 Supermodular Bayesian implementation: Learning and incentive design 03/01/2007
1264 Diffusion of Behavior and Equilibrium Properties in Network Games 10/01/2006
1263 The Swing Voter's Curse in the laboratory 12/01/2006
1262 Efficiency, equity, and timing of voting mechanisms 12/01/2006
1261 Minorities and storable votes 12/01/2006
1260 Heterogeneous quantal response equilibrium and cognitive hierarchies 12/01/2006
1259 The compromise game: Two-sided adverse selection in the laboratory 12/01/2006
1258 Political reputations and campaign promises 12/01/2006
1257 Voting blocs, coalitions and parties 11/01/2006
1256 Attack politics: Who goes negative and why? 10/01/2006
1255 Contestable leaderships: Party discipline and vote buying in legislatures 08/01/2006
1254 Interim efficient mechanism design with interdependent valuations 08/01/2006
1253 Sequencing strategies in large, competitive, ascending price automobile auctions: An experimental examination 06/01/2006
1252 What matchings can be stable? The refutability of matching theory 04/01/2006
1251 Diffusion on social networks 03/01/2006
1250 Nomination processes and policy outcomes 03/01/2006
1249 Separation of decision in group identification 03/01/2006
1248 Supermodularizability 02/01/2006
1247 Political bias and war 01/01/2006
1246 A simple axiomatization of quantiles on the domain of distribution functions 01/01/2006
1245 The design and testing of information aggregation mechanisms: A Two-stage parimutuel IAM 12/01/2005
1244 Testing Models w/ multiple equilibria by quantile methods 12/01/2005
1243 A contraction principle for finite global games 03/01/2006
1242 Like father, like son: Social networks, human capital investment, and social mobility 11/01/2005
1241 Non-Existence of Equilibrium in Vickrey, Second-Price, and English 11/01/2005
1240 Congestion at locks on inland waterways: An experimental Testbed of a policy of tradable priority permits for lock access 11/01/2005
1239 Divergence, closed cycles and convergence in scarf environments: Experiments in the dynamics of general equilibrium systems 10/01/2005