Working Papers by Social Sciences Faculty

Below are links to the working papers by current and former Caltech social sciences faculty and their collaborators. Papers can be sorted by number, title, author name, or date by clicking on the corresponding column heading. Certain working papers with numbers below 1000 are not available online. Paper copies may be requested from, and any other questions about working papers can be directed to, the HSS working paper coordinator ( Please include the working paper number, author, and title, and your full mailing address in your request for a paper copy, which will be sent to you at no charge.

# Titlesort descending Authors Created
1339 Community Dynamics in the Lab: Congestion, public good provision, and local instability 11/30/2010
1065 Company Law, Stock Market Regulation, and the Development of the German Financial System, 1880 - 1913. 07/01/1999
1178 Comparative Statics, English Auctions, and the Stolper-Samuelson Theorem 09/01/2003
942 Comparing Absentee and Precinct Voters: A View Over Time 10/01/1995
943 Comparing Absentee and Precinct Voters: Voting on Direct Legislation 10/01/1995
588 Comparing Models of Electric Utility Behavior. 11/01/1985
664 Competition on Many Fronts: A Stackelberg Signalling Equilibrium. 01/01/1988
813 Competitive Campaigns and the Responsiveness of Collective Choice 10/01/1992
381 Competitive Equilibria in Markets for Heterogeneous Goods Under Imperfect Information: A Theoretical Analysis with Policy Implications. 06/28/2011
746 Competitive Equilibria in Overlapping Generations Experiments.
313 Competitive Equilibrium with Middlemen: An Empirical Study.
85 Competitive Equilibrium with Separable Externalities. 05/01/1975
1331 Competitive equillibrium in markets for votes (revised) 02/23/2012
868 Competitive Solutions and Uniform Competitive Solutions for Cooperative Games 10/01/1993
231 Conditions for Voting Equilibria in Continuous Voter Distributions.
700 Conflict and Stability in Anarchic International Systems. 05/01/1989
1240 Congestion at locks on inland waterways: An experimental Testbed of a policy of tradable priority permits for lock access 11/01/2005
898 Congressional Committees and the Political Economy of Federal Outlays 01/01/1995
182 Congressional Control of the Bureaucracy: A Mismatch of Incentives and Capabilities. 05/30/2013
585 Congressional Roll Call Voting Strategies: Application of a New Test to Minimum Wage Legislation. 09/01/1985
384 Congressmen and Their Constituents: 1958 and 1978. 04/01/1981
69 Consequences of Disfranchisement: Race and Class Discrimination in North Carolina, 1880-1910. 12/01/1974
174 Conservation and the Continuity of American Liberalism, 1941-1953. 12/01/1977
390 Consistency of Generalized M-Estimators. 06/01/1981
1217 Consistent Representative Democracy 03/01/2005
45 Constituency Influence: A Generalized Model and its Implications for Statistical Studies of Roll-Call Behavior.
859 Constitutional Secession Clauses 08/01/1993
779 Constitutional Stability. 10/01/1991
924 Constitutions for New Democracies: Reflections of Turmoil or Agents of Stability? 04/01/1995
178 Constrained Plott Equilibria, Directional Equilibria, and Global Cycling Sets.
478 Consumer Behavior and Belated Information: The Case of Uncertain Tastes. 05/01/1983
229 Consumer Behavior Under Imperfect Information: A Review of Psychological and Marketing Research as It Relates to Economic Theory.
459 Consumer Choice and Information: New Experimental Evidence on the Information Overload Hypothesis.
454 Consumer Surplus Under Uncertainty: An Application to Dam-Reservoir Projects. 02/01/1985
1225 Consumers networks and search equilibria 06/01/2005
1255 Contestable leaderships: Party discipline and vote buying in legislatures 08/01/2006
341 Continuous Social Decision Procedures. 01/01/1981
214 Continuous-Valued Binary Decision Procedures. 04/08/2011
418 Continuum and Finite-Player Noncooperative Models of Competition. 02/01/1982
805 Contracting Theory with Coincidence of Interest 10/01/1992
1322 Contracts vs. salaries in matching 05/21/2010
1358 Cooperation without immediate reciprocity: An experiment in favor exchange 01/18/2012
181 Cooperative Game Models of the Influence of the Closed Rule in Three Person, Majority Rule Committees: Theory and Experiment.
308 Cooperative Institutions for Sharing in the Oil Industry. 03/01/1980
1074 Cooperative solutions in the presence of inte-regional emissions 11/01/1999
945 Coping With Ignorance: Unforeseen Contingencies and Non-Additive Uncertainty 05/01/1996
1140 Core Many-To-One Matchings by Fixed-Point Methods 09/01/2002
1294 Correcting for survey misreports using auxiliary information with an application to estimating turnout 07/01/2009
914 Correlated Disturbances in Discrete Choice Models: A Comparison of Multinomial Probit Models and Logit Models 12/01/1994
1395 Correlated Equilibria in Voter Turnout Games 08/26/2014