Working Papers by Social Sciences Faculty

Below are links to the working papers by current and former Caltech social sciences faculty and their collaborators. Papers can be sorted by number, title, author name, or date by clicking on the corresponding column heading. Certain working papers with numbers below 1000 are not available online. Paper copies may be requested from, and any other questions about working papers can be directed to, the HSS working paper coordinator ( Please include the working paper number, author, and title, and your full mailing address in your request for a paper copy, which will be sent to you at no charge.

# Titlesort descending Authors Created
1314 Aspirations and Growth: A model where the income of others acts as a reference point (Revised: new title) 12/01/2010
491 Assessing the Partisan Effects of Redistricting. 09/01/1983
1137 Asset Bubbles and Rationality: Additional Evidence from Capital Gains Tax Experiments 06/01/2002
832 Asset Prices and Volume in a Beauty Contest 01/01/1993
275 Asset Prices in a Production Economy. 06/01/1980
796 Asset Prices in a Speculative Market. 06/01/1992
299 Asset Valuation in an Experimental Market. 04/11/2011
467 Asymmetric Arbitrage and Normal Backwardation. 02/01/1983
544 Asymmetric Arbitrage and the Pattern of Futures Prices. 09/01/1984
1230 Asymmetries in exchange behavior incorrectly interpreted as evidence of prospect theory 07/01/2005
1256 Attack politics: Who goes negative and why? 10/01/2006
103 Attitudes Toward Risk and the Optimal Exploitation of an Exhaustible Resource. 03/01/1976
969 Attitudes, Uncertainty and Survey Responses 05/01/1996
1266 Auctioning off the agenda: Bargaining in legislatures with endogenous scheduling 03/01/2007
1409 Average Choice 10/12/2015
89 Axiomatic models of risk and decision: An expository treatment 07/01/1975
116 Axiomatic Social Choice Theory: An Overview and Interpretation.
1433 Axiomatizations of the Mixed Logit Model 09/15/2017
64 Background Memorandum: The Regulation of Atomic Energy for Power Generation.
1007 Bank Securities Holdings and Industrial Finance Before World War I: Britain and Germany Compared 05/01/1997
1016 Bank Structure and Growth: Insights from British and German Balance Sheets Before World War I 08/01/1997
1078 Banking Industry Structure, Competition, and Performance: Does Universality Matter? 02/01/2000
733 Bargaining Costs and Failures in the Sealed-Bid Double Auction. 05/01/1990
490 Bargaining Theory and Portfolio Payoffs in European Coalition Governments 1945-1983. 09/01/1983
509 Bargaining Theory for Games with Transferable Value. 01/01/1984
1070 Basic Principles of Asset Pricing Theory: Evidence From Large-Scale Experimental Financial Markets 01/01/2000
245 Bayes Rule as a Descriptive Model: The Representativeness Heuristic.
1238 Bayesian consistent prior selection 09/01/2005
705 Bayesian Economist ... Bayesian Agents I: An Alternative Approach to Optimal Learning. 08/01/1989
736 Bayesian Economists...Bayesian Agents ll: Evolution of Beliefs in the Single Sector Growth Model. 05/01/1990
1119 Bayesian Source Separation with Jointly Distributed Mean and Mixing Coefficients via MCMC and ICM 05/01/2001
681 Before Plessy, Before Brown: The Development of the Law of Racial Integration in Louisiana and Kansas. 10/01/1988
831 Beyond Gingles Influence Districts and the Pragmatic Tradition in Voting Rights Law 01/01/1993
1017 Beyond Ordinary Logit: Taking Time Seriously in Binary Time-Series-Cross-Section Models 08/01/1997
1181 Bidders' choice auctions: Raising revenues through the right to choose 08/01/2003
71 Bidding and Auctioning Institutions: Experimental Results.
726 Bidding Rings. 04/01/1990
812 Binary Relations, Numerical Comparisons with Errors and Rationality Conditions for Choice 11/01/1992
347 Blessed Be the Tie that Unbinds: Constituency Pressures and National Party Forces in Great Britain. 09/01/1980
1029 Bounded Rationality in Individual Decision Making 03/01/1998
108 Breaking Out of the Regulatory Dilemma: Alternatives to the Sterile Choice.
1164 Budget Balancedness and Optimal Income Taxation 05/01/2003
422 Bureaucratic (?) Failures: Causes and Cures. 04/01/1982
141 Bureaucratic Compliance as a Game on the Unit Square.
1404 Call Market Experiments: Efficiency and Price Discovery Through Multiple Calls and Emergent Newton Adjustments 02/23/2015
695 Campaign Finance and the Constitution. 06/01/1989
983 Can Asset Markets be Manipulated? A Field Experiment with Racetrack Betting 09/01/1996
1398 Can Housing Risk be Diversified? A Cautionary Tale from the Housing Boom and Bust 10/13/2014
1340 Can Relational Contracts Survive Stochastic Interruptions? 06/06/2010
1207 Can we insure against political uncertainty? Evidence from the U.S. Stock Market 10/01/2004