Working Papers by Social Sciences Faculty

Below are links to the working papers by current and former Caltech social sciences faculty and their collaborators. Papers can be sorted by number, title, author name, or date by clicking on the corresponding column heading. Certain working papers with numbers below 1000 are not available online. Paper copies may be requested from, and any other questions about working papers can be directed to, the HSS working paper coordinator ( Please include the working paper number, author, and title, and your full mailing address in your request for a paper copy, which will be sent to you at no charge.

# Titlesort descending Authors Created
727 A Stone-Weierstrass Theorem without Closure under Suprema. 04/01/1990
650 A Study of Zero-Out Auctions: Testbed Experiments of a Process of Allocating Private Rights to the Use of Public Property.
1127 A Subjective Spin on Roulette Wheels 07/01/2001
243 A Support Price Theorem for the Continuous Time Model of Capital Accumulation. 01/01/1979
1161 A survey of models of network formation: Stability and efficiency 03/01/2003
543 A Technique for Estimating Legislators' Ideal Points on Concrete Policy Dimensions. 09/01/1984
1278 A test for monotone comparative statics 09/01/2007
1432 A Testbed Experiment of a (Smart) Marked Based, Student Transportation Policy: Non Convexities, Coordination, Non Existence 01/11/2018
392 A Theoretical Analysis of the Demand for Emission Licenses. 06/01/1981
573 A Theory of Auditing and Plunder. 05/01/1985
264 A Theory of Optimal Agenda Design. 05/04/2011
1185 A Theory of Stability in Many-to-Many Matching Markets 11/01/2003
474 A Theory of the Choice of Regulatory Form. 04/01/1983
1056 A Theory of Voting in Large Elections 02/01/1999
332 A Time Series Model with Qualitative Variables.
479 A Two-Stage Model of Research and Development With Endogenous Second Mover Advantages. 06/01/1983
1171 A Voting Model of Federal Standards with Externalities 08/01/2003
319 Accounting for the Electoral Effects of Short Term Economic Fluctuations: The Role of Incumbency-Oriented and Policy-Oriented Voting. 05/01/1980
1424 ACE: A Combinatorial Market Mechanism 11/03/2016
327 Adaptive Approaches to the CO2 Problem.
391 Admissibility in Four But Not in Five Dimensions of the Diffuse Prior Bayes Rule for the Control Problem. 06/01/1981
665 Adverse Selection and Renegotiation in Procurement. 01/01/1988
151 Agenda Influence and Its Implications.
618 Agendas, Strategic Voting, and Signaling with Incomplete Information.
205 Aggregate Expected Consumer Surplus as a Welfare Index with an Application to Price Stabilization. 04/04/2011
1316 Aggregate matchings 01/19/2010
1103 Aggregation and Dynamics of Survey Responses: The Case of Presidential Approval 09/01/2000
1180 Aging and decision making: A comparison between neurologically healthy elderly and young individuals 05/27/2005
513 Agrarian Politics and Development. 04/01/1984
263 Agriculture in Development: A Coalitional Analysis.
1356 Allais, Ellsberg, and Preferences for Hedging. Original title "Objective lotteries as ambiguous objects: Allais, Ellsberg, and Hedging 06/15/2012
761 Alliances in Anarchic International Systems. 05/01/1991
894 Alliances Versus Federations: An Analysis with Military and Economic Capabilities Distinguished 07/01/1994
747 Allocating Priority with Auctions: An Experimental Analysis. 08/01/1990
680 Allocating Uncertain and Unresponsive Resources. 08/15/2013
1160 Allocation Rules for Network Games 03/01/2003
697 Alternative Policies for Unemployment Insurance. 04/01/1989
111 Alternatives to Regulation: Competition in Air Transportation and the Aviation Act of 1975.
864 Altruism, Reputation, and Noise in Linear Public Goods Experiments 09/01/1993
1306 Ambiguity aversion in asset market: Experimental study of home bias 06/01/2009
1130 Ambiguity from the Differential Viewpoint 04/01/2002
1026 Ambiguity Made Precise: A Comparative Foundation and Some Implications 11/01/1997
1414 An "Enhanced" Corporate Valuation Model: Theory and Empirical Tests 12/22/2015
998 An Aggregate Nested Logit Model of Political Participation 01/01/1997
1405 An Agnostic and Practically Useful Estimator of the Stochastic Discount Factor 03/05/2015
690 An Alternative Statistical Measure for Racially Polarized Voting. 01/01/1989
270 An Analysis of Fully Distributed Cost Pricing in Regulated Industries. 06/01/1979
1218 An axiomatic theory of political representation 03/01/2005
197 An Axiomatized Family of Power Indices for Simple n-Person Games. 01/01/1978
23 An Economic Analysis of Team Movements in Professional Sports.