Working Papers by Social Sciences Faculty

Below are links to the working papers by current and former Caltech social sciences faculty and their collaborators. Papers can be sorted by number, title, author name, or date by clicking on the corresponding column heading. Certain working papers with numbers below 1000 are not available online. Paper copies may be requested from, and any other questions about working papers can be directed to, the HSS working paper coordinator ( Please include the working paper number, author, and title, and your full mailing address in your request for a paper copy, which will be sent to you at no charge.

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203 The Existence of Efficient and Incentive Compatible Equilibria with Public Goods. 03/01/1978
204 Separate but Not Equal: The Supreme Court's First Decision on Racial Discrimination in Schools. 04/04/2011
205 Aggregate Expected Consumer Surplus as a Welfare Index with an Application to Price Stabilization. 04/04/2011
206 Toward a Theory of Legislative Decision. 03/21/2011
207 Practical Aspects of the Construction of Decentralized Decisionmaking Systems for Public Goods.
208 A Stochastic Solution Concept for n-Person Games. 04/01/1978
209 Pairwise Symmetry Conditions for Voting Equilibria.
210 On the Properties of Stable Decision Procedures. 04/04/2011
211 Municipal Incorporation Under LAFCO: A Critical View. 05/01/1978
212 Transitive Permutation Groups and Equipotent Voting Rules. 05/01/1978
213 Regulation in Theory and Practice: An Overview.
214 Continuous-Valued Binary Decision Procedures. 04/08/2011
215 Public Water, Private Land: Origins of the Acreage Limitation Controversy, 1933-1953.
216 Need for Power: Regulating Electricity Demand by Source. Published title - "An assessment of the determination of engery needs: The case of nuclear power 04/08/2011
217 Chance Constrained Model of Water Reservoir: Bounds on the Long-Run Distribution of the Water Stock. 06/01/1978
218 Chance Constrained Dynamic Programming Model of Water Reservoir with Joint Products. 06/01/1978
219 The Decline of Competition in Congressional Elections: Mayhew May Still be Right! 06/01/1978
220 A Spatial Model of Leftist Ideological Shifts in Arab Politics. 06/01/1978
221 The Effect of a Random Planning Horizon on Production and Investment for Petroleum Reservoir---A Note on Kuller' and Cumming's Model. 06/01/1978
222 The Early Scottish Limited Companies, 1856-1895: An Historical and Analytical Survey. 06/01/1978
223 The Application of Laboratory Experimental Methods to Public Choice. 04/08/2011
224 The Paradox of Voting and Candidate Competition: A General Equilibrium Analysis.
225 Home-Owners, Renters, and Bureaucrats: A Redistributional Analysis of Municipal Incorporation. 07/01/1978
226 Universalism, Reciprocity and Distributive Policy-Making in Majority Rule Institutions.
227 The Theory of the Dam: An Application to the Colorado River.
228 Water Law, Water Transfers and Economic Efficiency: The Colorado River. 04/08/2011
229 Consumer Behavior Under Imperfect Information: A Review of Psychological and Marketing Research as It Relates to Economic Theory.
230 Removal of Carcinogens from Drinking Water: A Cost-Benefit Analysis. 01/21/2010
231 Conditions for Voting Equilibria in Continuous Voter Distributions.
232 Capital Gains and the Economic Theory of Corporate Finance. 09/01/1978
233 Making Separate Equal: The Integration of Black and White School Funds in Kentucky, 1882. 01/21/2010
234 Revenue Generating Properties of Sealed-Bid Auctions: An Experimental Analysis of One-Price and Discriminative Processes.
235 Intervening in Markets on the Basis of Imperfect Information: A Legal and Economic Analysis.
236 Pressure Groups, Public Policy and Agricultural Development: A Study of Divergent Outcomes.
237 The Commercialization of Agriculture and the Rise of Rural Political Protest in Black Africa. 03/21/2011
238 Efficient Intertemporal Allocation, Consumption-Value Maximization and Capital-Value Transversality: A Unified View. 03/21/2011
239 Market Structure and Innovation: A Reformulation.
240 Metropolitan Fragmentation and Decentralized Control of Revenue Resources. 11/01/1978
241 The Effect of Intertemporal Speculation on the Outcomes in Seller Posted Offer Auction Markets. 04/13/2011
242 The Role of Money in Supporting the Pareto Optimality of Competitive Equilibrium in Consumption-Loan Type Models. 04/13/2011
243 A Support Price Theorem for the Continuous Time Model of Capital Accumulation. 01/01/1979
244 Short and Long-Term Effects of Economic Conditions on Individual Voting Decisions. 04/13/2011
245 Bayes Rule as a Descriptive Model: The Representativeness Heuristic.
246 Some Remarks on Monetary Policy in an Overlapping Generations Model. 01/01/1979
247 The Slowdown in Productivity Advances: A Dynamic Explanation. 06/15/2011
248 Keeping Score: An Actuarial Approach to Zero-Infinity Dilemmas.
249 The Methodology of Benefit-Cost Analysis with Particular Reference to the CFC Program. 03/10/2011
250 Ocean Mining Policy: A Dynamic Approach. 02/01/1979
251 Petroleum Price Controls When Information Is a Joint Product. 11/01/1979
252 An Impossibility Theorem for Von Neumann-Morgenstern Solutions. 04/14/2011