Working Papers by Social Sciences Faculty

Below are links to the working papers by current and former Caltech social sciences faculty and their collaborators. Papers can be sorted by number, title, author name, or date by clicking on the corresponding column heading. Certain working papers with numbers below 1000 are not available online. Paper copies may be requested from, and any other questions about working papers can be directed to, the HSS working paper coordinator ( Please include the working paper number, author, and title, and your full mailing address in your request for a paper copy, which will be sent to you at no charge.

#sort descending Title Authors Created
53 To p or not to p.
54 Stadium Capacities and Attendance in Professional Sports.
55 Tax Writeoffs and the Value of Sports Teams. 05/30/2013
56 Patent Policy, Technological Innovation and Government Contracts: A Selective Critique.
57 Institutional Structure and Technological Change.
58 Market Structure and R & D.
59 A Dynamic Theory of Competition.
60 The Market for Innovation.
61 Public Policy and Innovation: Two Cases.
62 Government Regulatory Behavior: A Multidisciplinary Survey and Synthesis.
63 The Consequences of Public Utility Regulation of Hospitals.
64 Background Memorandum: The Regulation of Atomic Energy for Power Generation.
65 Comments Regarding Limitations on Programming Available for Broadcast on Pay-TV Channels.
66 On Using the Agenda to Influence Group Decisions. 05/30/2013
67 On Comparative Dynamics.
68 Rate Regulation and Freight Traffic Allocation: A Review and Revision.
69 Consequences of Disfranchisement: Race and Class Discrimination in North Carolina, 1880-1910. 12/01/1974
70 Purposive Models of Legislative Behavior.
71 Bidding and Auctioning Institutions: Experimental Results.
72 The Public Policy Issues Involved in Dealing with Environmental Degradation: A Dynamic Approach.
73 Experimental Economics: Theory and Results. 01/01/1975
74 Separability and Vanishing Externalities.
75 Public Opinion Polls, Candidate Uncertainty and Electoral Competition.
76 Stability of Pure Trade Equilibrium with Externalities.
77 Sophisticated Voting with Separable Preferences. 03/01/1975
78 On the Effects of Aid to Nations in Arms Races.
79 The Ownership and Valuation of Professional Sports Franchises. 04/01/1975
80 On Normative Problems of Social Choice.
81 Deep Vote: Change in Voting Behavior in Congressional Elections.
82 Recent Psychological Studies of Behavior Under Uncertainty.
83 An Experimental Examination of Two Exchange Institutions.
84 Economics of Wilderness Resources. 05/01/1975
85 Competitive Equilibrium with Separable Externalities. 05/01/1975
86 Government Policy and Technological Innovation: Where Do We Stand and Where Do We Go?
87 Intertemporal Competitive Equilibrium: An Empirical Study of Speculation.
88 The Sources of the Italian Mortality Decline, 1887-1955. 07/01/1975
89 Axiomatic models of risk and decision: An expository treatment 07/01/1975
90 On the Theory of the Firm under Uncertainty.
91 A Note on Theoretical Issues of Resource Depletion. 08/01/1975
92 The Limits to Growth: A Report for the Club of Rome. 08/01/1975
93 The Debate Over Postwar Research Policy, 1942-1945: A Political Interpretation of Science: The Endless Frontie
94 The Physics, Mathematics, and Chemical Communities in the United States, 1870-1915: A Preliminary Statistical Report. 08/01/1975
95 The Dilemma of Consumer Advocacy.
96 Regulating Airmail Transportation.
97 Information: Decision-Making Procedures and Energy Policy.
98 An Outline for a Model of Party Choic
99 Economic Retrospective Voting in American National Elections: A Microanalysis.
100 The Case of the Vanishing Marginals: The Bureaucracy Did It. 05/30/2013
101 Committee Decisions Under Majority Rule: An Experimental Study.
102 The Issue Basis of Rural Politics in Africa.