Working Papers by Social Sciences Faculty

Below are links to the working papers by current and former Caltech social sciences faculty and their collaborators. Papers can be sorted by number, title, author name, or date by clicking on the corresponding column heading. Certain working papers with numbers below 1000 are not available online. Paper copies may be requested from, and any other questions about working papers can be directed to, the HSS working paper coordinator ( Please include the working paper number, author, and title, and your full mailing address in your request for a paper copy, which will be sent to you at no charge.

# Title Authors Createdsort ascending
1369 Flip-flopping, intense primaries and the selection of candidates 08/27/2012
1363 Symmetric play in repeated allocation games 07/05/2012
1356 Allais, Ellsberg, and Preferences for Hedging. Original title "Objective lotteries as ambiguous objects: Allais, Ellsberg, and Hedging 06/15/2012
1362 Social preferences under uncertainty: Equality of opportunity vs equality of outcome 04/26/2012
1344 Why was it Europeans who conquered the world? 03/18/2012
1331 Competitive equillibrium in markets for votes (revised) 02/23/2012
1361 Understanding price controls and non-price competition with matching theory 02/22/2012
1359 Vote Trading with and without Party Leaders 01/31/2012
1309 Speculative overpricing in asset markets with information flows (Revised) 01/19/2012
1358 Cooperation without immediate reciprocity: An experiment in favor exchange 01/18/2012
1354 Finding a Walrasian Equilibrium is easy for a fixed number of agents 10/26/2011
1355 The Free Rider Problem: A Dynamic analysis (Revised March 2012) 10/15/2011
1353 Salary competition in matching markets with private informaiton 09/06/2011
1352 Legislative bargaining and the dynamics of public investment 08/31/2011
1351 What's age got to do with it? Supreme Court appointees and the long run location of the Supreme Court median justice 08/29/2011
526 Taxation of Income From Capital: A Theoretical Reappraisal. 07/22/2011
529 Elections with Limited Information: A Multidimensional Model. 07/22/2011
523 Price-Conveyed Information vs. Observed Insider Behavior: A Note on Rational Expectations Convergence. 07/22/2011
574 The Economics of Tax Compliance: Fact and Fantasy. 07/15/2011
500 Full Nash Implementation of Neutral Social Functions. 07/14/2011
400 The Centralization of African Tribal Societies. 07/12/2011
484 Social Equilibrium and Cycles on Compact Sets. 07/12/2011
458 Some Conventional Orthodoxies in the Study of Agrarian Change. 07/08/2011
445 Product quality and imperfect information (original title "Consumer Markets for Warranties"). 07/07/2011
446 Intertemporal Speculation with a Random Demand in an Experimental Market. 07/07/2011
430 Handbook for Reform: Breyer on Regulation. 07/07/2011
413 Nash Equilibrium Search for the Best Alternative. 06/30/2011
403 Imperfect Information and Monopolistic Competition. 06/29/2011
397 The Feasibility of Marketable Emissions Permits in the United States. 06/29/2011
386 A Generalized Model of Pricing for Homogeneous Goods Under Imperfect Information. 06/28/2011
380 Marketable Permits: What's All the Fuss About? 06/28/2011
381 Competitive Equilibria in Markets for Heterogeneous Goods Under Imperfect Information: A Theoretical Analysis with Policy Implications. 06/28/2011
1350 Incentive compatibility of large centralized matching markets 06/23/2011
375 The Regulation of Surface Freight Transportation: The Welfare Effects Revisited. 06/22/2011
377 Oligopoly Extraction of a Nonrenewable Common Property Resource: The Importance of the Period of Commitment in Dynamic Games. 06/22/2011
1349 Quantal Response and Nonequlibrium Beliefs Explain Overbidding in Maximum-Value Auctions 06/22/2011
353 Strategic Search Theory. 06/21/2011
344 Some Problems in Studying the Effects of Resource Allocation in Congressional Elections. 06/21/2011
345 States and Political Intervention in Markets: A Case Study from Africa. 06/21/2011
346 Committee Decisions under Alternative Procedural Rules: An Experimental Study Applying a New Nonmonetary Method of Preference Inducement. 06/21/2011
337 A Ham Sandwich Theorem for General Measures. 06/20/2011
314 Two Essays in the Philosophy of Economics. 06/20/2011
331 Efficiency of Experimental Security Markets with Insider Information: An Application of Rational Expectations Models. 06/20/2011
247 The Slowdown in Productivity Advances: A Dynamic Explanation. 06/15/2011
316 The Market Evaluation of Human Capital: The Case of Indentured Servitude. 06/15/2011
302 Strategic Lobbying Behavior. 06/15/2011
304 Social Welfare Functions for Economic Environments with and without the Pareto Principle. 06/15/2011
306 Information Costs, Duration of Search and Turnover: Theory and Applications. 06/15/2011
1348 Testable Implications of Bargaining Theories 06/07/2011
1347 A dynamic school choice model 05/16/2011